Add another entry to the ‘Why did she bother to get rhinoplasty?’

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We have another entry into the ‘Why did she bother to get rhinoplasty because it won’t maker her more attractive’ sweepstakes and the winner is Tonya Harding.

Tonya was once a cute, petite girl with 80’s hair in 1994 when she was in the middle of a scandal to cripple her ice skating competitor, Nancy Kerrigan. Now, she’s a 200 pound raging meth machine as revealed by a recent interview and several police reports over the years (in one instance, she was described as ‘tweaking’).

Somewhere along the way, she had rhinoplasty. The tip of her nose is pointier and the bridge is filed down. It is pointless to have plastic surgery when you look like a tweaker! Having her nose shaved down does not benefit her, because it is not harmonious with rest of her face. It also appears that she’s had a chin implant. Both surgeries make her look harsh.

More recent photos of Tonya after the jump!

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