The Many Faces of Elle MacPherson

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Elle MacPherson has a new modeling contract with cosmetics powerhouse Revlon. She is an interesting choice, because she is looking rather plastic lately. Yes, I know she is 44 years old, but up until 1996, she was still looking seriously cute.

elle macpherson
Elle in 2006

Then, in 2006, she broke up with a boyfriend. Oh, no. So, then 2007 rolls around and look what the cat dragged in.

elle macpherson
Elle in 2007

She is looking rather tired at a public event to promote a new product. Check out how squinty her eyes seem, plus the area under them looks tighter. Her nose also looks less rounded at the nostrils. What sort of upgrade is this supposed to be? Looks like a downgrade to me.

2008 is supposed to be a banner year for Elle. In addition to her line of lingerie began in 2006, she is endorsing a sunscreen product and has the big Revlon deal. Goodie for her bank account, but not so good for her face. She is looking hard (and being described as arrogant and “up herself” by interviewers)!

elle macpherson 2008
Elle in 2008

Wowser, look at those lips. Ms MacPherson has always been generously lipped, but her upper pucker looks uncomfortably filled to the brim. But at least her eye area looks more relaxed and settled in. Even a supermodel millionairess can’t have it all.

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