Rihanna’s New Breasts

Rihanna has had a growth spurt in the chest area. Check out her old breasts and compare them to the new ones. Her new cup size is much larger.

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Many people felt that Rihanna’s big cleavage was the result of a push up bra, when I first wrote about her breasts looking fake. After seeing this photo, I am even more convinced that she has breast implants. She has very full breasts, but in this skimpy, open in the front dress, they have no [...]

Do you believe Rihanna’s breasts are fake?

Do you believe Rihanna’s breasts are fake? Vote here!

Rihanna’s Got New Boobs

Did Rihanna really hurt her leg? Or is the hurt leg just a ruse to draw attention away from her now burgeoning chest? She’s the oranges stuffed under her chest where it used to be rather flat! Oh well, the ‘I hurt my leg’ story sure didn’t distract anyone away from her new round breasts.