Priscilla Presley swans around the town

Priscilla Presley has been out and about this week, looking stranger than ever. I’d love to know what she did to build up her chin and jaw area, it looks positively bizarre (if you know what she had done email me at webmaster ** a t ** She has a massive case [...]

An alert reader sent in the photo above, featuring Christina Aguilera (Burlesque) and Awful Plastic Surgery blog regular, Priscilla Presley. The reader felt that Christina was starting to look somewhat like Priscilla, because her cheeks seem to have grown in the past few months (did she get cheek implants or did she gain weight in [...]

In a story titled ‘Priscilla Presley Victim of Phony Cosmetic Doc‘, alleges that Priscilla Presley was the treated by a quack who injected her face will silicone.
In a New York Times story, silicone injected into skin was described as ‘a time bomb’, because of the possibility of delayed reactions 1 to 25 years later. [...]

Priscilla Presley

I just received an email claiming that Priscilla Presley was on ‘Dancing With The Stars’ and that ’she has gone from a beautiful woman to a freak’. Previously, I had suspected that she had lip collagen, cheek implants, a face lift, and a myriad of other anti-aging surgeries. Here are photos of Priscilla over [...]

Sorry, there is no plastic surgery rememdy for old hands

Lip collagen cost – $400
Face lift cost – $12000
Cheek implant cost – $1500
Your natural wrinkled hands – free!
Sorry Priscilla Presley, there is no plastic surgery remedy for old hands. The taut skin of her face looks 40-something and her hands reveal her true age.

Once sleek faced Priscilla Presley has become quite the chipmunk face. Her cheeks are bulging. This photo timeline reflects her descent into plastic surgery insanitity.


Early 1980s
Late 80s

Look, It’s The Joker

No, it’s not, that’s Priscilla Presley. Time marches on and in this case, it is marching across sweet Cilla’s face. A too tight face lift and cheekbone implants have left Priscilla looking a living death mask.
The metamorphasis started in the 80’s. Priscalla got cheek implants to prevent her jowls from showing. Notice that on the [...]