Sam Trammell joins an important Hollywood club that includes Jesse Metcalfe and Simon Cowell – The Hollywood Breasts for Men Club. Sam was shirtless this season on True Blood and bared what suspiciously looked like pec implants. Ugh.. Another one bites the dust.

Another man with breast implants

Jesse Metcalfe looks like he has pec implants. Yes, there are such a thing. This is what they look like, click here.
Check out the before and after photos. Look at the way his chest looks when he lays back. When he was natural, his chest fell to the side. Now, it stays on top of [...]

I was sent this tiny photo of boxer Tommy Morrison last week. The sender claimed Morrison had pec implants. Admittedly, Morrison’s chest looks odd. There are two very obvious protusions on his chest that look more like breasts than pec muscles. There is a medical condition that causes a man to have breasts. It is [...]

The 2nd Scariest Man Alive

TV show Entertainment Tonight has discovered the 2nd scariest man alive (I use this phrase because Michael Jackson holds steady at the top spot.). His name is Steve Erhardt and he’s a hairdresser from Los Angeles who has spents over $250,000 on face lifts, pec implants, bicep implants (he was the first person to ever [...]