Britney Murphy and painkillers part 2

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Brittany Murphy on the set of her last film Abandoned

Brittany Murphy on the set of her last film Abandoned

As mentioned before, it has been rumored that Brittany Murphy became addicted to opiates via plastic surgery. Many photos of her show her with very tiny pupils. One commenter experienced in addiction made this remark:

In all of these photos, even the ones in low lighting, Brittany’s eyes are what is known in drug vernacular as “pinned up.” If you look closely, her pupils are unnaturally tiny in each of these photos. It’s a sure sign of being under a strong opiate influence. And no folks, it’s not from the flashbulb! You can check many other celebrity photos and they have normal size pupils. In some cases, under the influence of “speedy” drugs (coke, meth) the pupils will be dilated.

Another commenter writes:

I used to be involved in the drug scene, and to me this woman always looked like she was high on something. Her eyes had that vacant, hollow stare of a drug addict that I know all too well. I am not surprised that she died because I always thought that she was a serious drug addict. No matter how much makeup or styling she had, she still did not look healthy at all.

In the photo above, you’ll notice she has very tiny pupils (and artificially plumped lips) even though the photo appears to have been taken in low light. Very likely, she was under the influence in that photo (via Hollywood Backwash).

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