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Sexy 80s singer Olivia Newton John has succumbed to pouty, collagen filled lips. She has been traveling and performing with her new hubby in tow while regaling audiences with her new look. I hate it! It makes her look like Meg Ryan, so it is not a good thing.

Are those tennis balls in Chloe’s chest? Chloe Lattanzi is the eating disordered daughter of singer Olivia Newton John. She genuinely does look like she has had every part of her face operated on and she’s barely over 21. Her eyes, lips, nose, and cheeks all look ‘different’. An astute reader sent in this photo [...]

Be Nice To Chloe

April 8th, 2008

Chloe Lattanzi is the daughter of Olivia Newton John and is appearing on the reality tv show, ‘Rock The Cradle’, where the offspring of celebrities compete in an American Idol type competition. Chloe is already being skewered for her looks on various blogs (like this week on Monsters and Critics), but, please try and be [...]

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