Nadya Sulman lies about not having plastic surgery

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Nadya Suleman is lying about not ever having any plastic surgery. Family members are sharing photos of her from previous years with the media and she looks much less freakish than now.

In this old before photo, her lips look normal size and so do her cheeks. Her nose definitely looks tweaked in this photo, but look at the less defined bridge (do not be fooled by the glasses). The bridge of her nose is presently more built up.

Nadya is definitely a plastic surgery addict who schemed and milked the government for handouts to fuel her sickness. Her hair looks just like Angelina Jolie’s and rumor has it that she had been stalking Jolie via letters over the past few years. This woman is mentally ill and please DO NOT donate money to her. She is already receiving monies from tabloids and other sources.

Mom who gave birth to 8 babies is a plastic surgery victim

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By now, you’ve all heard the story of the California woman, Nadya Sulman, who gave birth to eight babies, despite already having 6 other child. Yesterday, she was interviewed on NBC and her face was a little shop of horrors.


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