Nadya vs Angelina – you asked for it

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Here it is, photos of Nadya and Angelina. Angelina’s features look strange on Nadya (sculpted cheeks, lips, and nose). Nadya has given yet another interview to the media instead of going away!

Whomever put the collagen in her lips should lose their license.

Also, did you know that Nadya had breast implants put in when she was 18? She is very familiar with plastic surgery. Furthermore, she has a $500 a week nanny to help out. Will someone please investigate this woman and her government check fraud? She definitely has a variety of scams going in order to finance her plastic surgery, manicures, and personal nanny.

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More attention for Nadya Suleman

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Just as she planned, plastic surgery victim Nadya Suleman is getting a huge amount of attention. Now, she is on the cover of a national magazine with her idol Angelina Jolie. The resemblance is eerie, with Nadya looking like a freakish gathering of molded approximations of Angelina’s features.

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Nadya Suleman starts begging for donations online

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Plastic surgery victim and mom of octuplets Nadya Suleman has started a website where she is requesting donations. Please do not donate any money to this mentally ill woman, because I genuinely believe that she will spend the funds on more inappropriate plastic surgery. After seeing an old photo of her, it is obvious that she has had cheek implants, lip collagen, multiple rhinoplasty surgeries, and eye procedures, none of which enhance her appearance. Her plastic surgeries are simply too obvious to the naked eye. It is highly likely that she had all the plastic surgery procedures done, not just to look like Angelina Jolie, but also because she planned this entire media circus in advance.

I can guess her next plastic surgeries: breast implants. Just wait, we have not seen the last of this awful plastic surgery creature.

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Watch the scariest looking multiple birth mother in the world speak

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Since her appearance on a morning tv show, the blog world has been abuzz with speculation about the peculiar looks of Nadya Suleman, the woman who gave birth to eight babies last week. Nadya has awkward, huge fish lips, a nose that looks ridiculously shaved down, and other suspected facial alterations.

Here is a video where she is being interviewed and she seems off her rocker. Nadya makes statements such as,”I wanted to have many children, because I did not have human connections growing up and my upbringing was dysfunctional.”

Nevermind that she lives at home with her parents, the two people she credits for her dysfunctional upbringing. Someone as crazy as her should have never been operated on.


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