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Jack, No!!!

Posted by The Staff on June 24th, 2008 filed in Before And After, Jack Wagner

I’ve always liked actor Jack Wagner, even before he was on the tv show, Melrose Place. Now, it looks like he’s gone and gotten a ‘refreshed’ face recently. The new trend in making people look younger via plastic surgery is revitalizing the middle third of the face (the area from the nose to the mouth [...]

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She's Not Charlie's Angel Anymore

Posted by The Staff on September 19th, 2006 filed in Bad Brow Lifts, Kate Jackson

Concerned readers have contacted regarding Kate Jackson’s ‘odd’ appearance on the recent Emmy’s show. concurs that Kate did look less than angelic and her appearance seemed firmly entrenched in demonic territory. The outer corners of her eyes were pulled up firmly as if she’d had an aggressive brow lift. When she smiled, her [...]

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