Mary McCormack – new face, new series

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Among the emails I received this week was this one about actress Mary McCormack:

With all the commercials for In Plain Sight on USA lately, I have noticed that Mary McCormick has had something terrible done to her face. Her lips look awful and her skin looks weird. Her lips don’t even look human! I have never seen the show and after seeing how terrible she looks, I don’t think I even could.

I did an internet search on her and didn’t recognize her until I came upon some photos of her from years ago when she was doing a series called Murder One. This is how she looked then. You also might remember her as ‘Alison’ in the Howard Stern movie, ‘Private Parts’.

Mary McCormack 1997

This is her now.

Mary McCormack in 2000 and 2010

Rhinoplasty, botox, and, a browlift make a serious difference in facial appearance. She also had lip augmentation, which she didn’t need (she should have had her gum line lowered via surgery instead of getting larger lips).

Her IMDB message board is littered with comments about her appearance. Here is a small smattering:

Is it possible she does this business to her lips right before filming for the new seasons begin because she thinks it looks good? Surely duck lips are not preferable over natural lips of any size.

Now, while her acting is still great, I cannot look at her lips, so I cannot watch that show….. they just look so bad….When are actors going to learn to leave their lips alone?

I just got back from seeing 1408, and what stood out most about Mary McCormack’s performance in this movie is her lips! It’s very obvious that she’s had some kind of injection…not that they’re big per se, but they look lumpy.

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