Vivica Fox Scares Me

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Vivica A Fox scares me. She was recently arrested for a DUI (driving under the influence), but I believe she should have been arrested for lip collagen abuse, especially on her top lip. Its huge and the cupid’s bow looks off.

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Worst Plumped Lips Ever

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Nicole Kidman

This is almost as bad as Michael Jackson when he started on his odyssey to make his large wide nose into something smaller, only in this case, its someone trying DESPERATELY for larger lips. Imagine saying to the doctor,”I don’t care if I have naturally thin lips, darn it, just inject me anyway, I don’t care if the pink underside of my lips show. No one will notice.”

Errr.. wrong.

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Vivica Fox’s Huge Top Lip

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Vivica A Fox is having a major problem with her top lip lately. It looks hugely swollen.
Could it be out of control lip collagen complications? Maybe. In the past, her upper lip was much smaller,

Popularity: 3% [?]

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