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Joan Rivers – More scary photos

Posted by The Staff on March 3rd, 2008 filed in Joan Rivers, Scary Celebrities

How many people in Hollywood have their original body parts? Very few. Joan Rivers, I suspect, has no original body parts left. Her face does not move very much when she speaks (her daughter Melissa looks to be on the same path). She has the usual Hollywood plastic surgery look: bat brow, weirdly pinched nose [...]

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Joan Rivers Slams Robert Redford's Plastic Surgery

Posted by The Staff on June 23rd, 2005 filed in Joan Rivers, Robert Redford

One of America’s scariest plastic surgery victims, Joan Rivers, recently slammed actor Robert Redford for having a poorly done face lift. Poor Joan, she must’ve been looking at her own reflection. Link: Joan Rivers slams Robert Robert’s plastic surgery. Robert Redford’s face lift via CityBlogs

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