The Many Faces Of Fergie

I stumbled upon a 2004 photo of singer Fergie and compared it to a 2010 photo. I think the plastic surgery procedures she chose are not in harmony with each other. I detect a browlift, veneers, rhinoplasty, some minor lip augmentation, plus facial fillers and botox. All of it was too much, too soon. [...]

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Fergie has bigger boobs!

Fergie spent a while out of the public eye and since she’s been back it looks as if she has experienced new growth in her chest area. I even suspect she got some sort of breast enhancement (her chest looks enormous to me). If it isn’t a boob job, then maybe she’s pregnant (or she [...]

Fergie is less scary looking

Music star Fergie is less scary looking lately. Normally, the 33 year old singer looks more like a wizened 40-something, but now her skin looks smoother (or as smooth as it can look when you’re a former hardcore longtime meth addict – remember people, drugs are not a beauty and health aid, look at Fergie). [...]

Fergie Grew Some Assets On Her Chest

Wow, looks like Fergie grew some assets on her chest. Some huge assets. At least they are not porn star / stripper oversized accesories. Overall, her breasts do not look very plastic and are nicely augmented. At least she got the body part right, but screwed up above the neck.

Why does Fergie look so old?

Why does Fergie look more than a decade older than her chronological age despite having had what many believe to be plastic surgery? She freely admits to having used crystal meth in the past. What does crystal meth do to the skin? Bad, bad things. According to one ex-user, Methamphetamine caused their skin to become [...]