Donald Trump’s Huge Combover

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donald trump

Donald Trump has the largest combover in the history of modern man. Allegedly, he had a scalp reduction several years ago to get rid of a bald spot and currently tries to cover the thin parts of his hair by using the ‘combover’ technique. While it does work to hide the thin areas, it looks totally ridiculous. This guy would be dateless if he didn’t have any cash.

One observer says,’Does it start at the back, swirl toward the right front and then hook left and the bushy brow and sweep left to the back again? Does it take four bottles of hair spray to keep it in
place? Does it hang to his knees when he’s in the shower?’

Only the Donald knows.

Another states,’I have never seen Donald Trump with a good-looking hairstyle. He has always, always looked horrid. All the access to all the money in the world has done
nothing for him. He looks like a reject from auditions of the 1996 Farrelly Brother’s film KINGPIN.’

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