Britney Spears’ Lights Are Flashing

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britney spears tits

Britney is brandishing her very plastic looking breasts again. Is that a sign that the old Britney is coming back or is she just crazily trying to relive her teen lolita years? I think her breasts are awfully fake looking, they just never seem to have dropped into place. They also launched a million other bad boob jobs.

Here’s a word of social commentary of Britney. I’ve watched people with much less talent and much less money receive the appropriate help they need for their mental illness. Being in the public eye under the rabid intensity generated as an international superstar, seems to trigger inappropriately exhibitionist tendencies in Britney. She should be allowed to go home permanently to Louisiana to live a normal life; she’s laid the golden egg, in fact several of them, all parties involved her career have made their money back and then some.

Britney expresses uncertain feelings about her chest size. In this article, she claims to hate their size. A lower profile life would put an end Britney’s seemingly endless need to inflate and cut her body to the size that she believes people will like.

Fergie has bigger boobs!

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Fergie spent a while out of the public eye and since she’s been back it looks as if she has experienced new growth in her chest area. I even suspect she got some sort of breast enhancement (her chest looks enormous to me). If it isn’t a boob job, then maybe she’s pregnant (or she should fire whomever put her in that dress), her breasts look huge.

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