Ha ha ha, MTV reality contestant bursts breast implant

I stopped watching MTV reality shows several years ago when they turned into nude softcore porn shows, but unfortunately the network is still churning them out and in the most recent Real World Road Rules Challenge, a trashy looking bottle blonde is reduced to tears after bursting one of her breast implants after belly flopping [...]

October 12, 2009 · The Staff · 715 Comments
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Shauna Sand dumped by ex for another plastic surgery victim on live TV

Shauna Sand has been dumped on live TV in France by her ex-husband for a plastic surgery victim named Angie. You can watch that below. Angie Romain/ Shauna Antoine sélectionné dans Télé-réalité The ex-husband’s name is Romain and he loves bimbos with plastic everything. Like I mentioned, Angie loves plastic surgery. Want to see what [...]

August 17, 2009 · The Staff · 291 Comments
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Catherine Bosley Sues

Catherine Bosley (see our coverage of her), the newscaster with the hideous breast implants who was fired for flashing in a wet t-shirt contest, has decided to sue to prevent websites from selling the video from the flashing contest. The Tribune Chronicle has the rest of the story.

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