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Marie Osmond


Occupation: singer - actress

Big Break: the 70s hit song, Paper Roses

Home: Utah

Business Ventures: The Marie Osmond Collection of Home and Fragrance - Marie Osmond Dolls


Official Website:

Marie Osmond Facebook

Plastic Surgery: facelift - rhinoplasty - lip augmentation - botox

Marie Osmond was one of the 70s brightest stars. In the 80s, she became a musical touring sensation. By the 90s, she started reinventing herself with a few nips and tucks.

marie osmond before and after
Judging from the before photo, Marie possibly has had a browlift, rhinoplasty, lip augmentation, and veneers.

marie osmond before and after
In this photo, you can see the difference in her teeth. She had great teeth to start with, but the veneers upgrade her smile.

marie osmond before and after
In the before photo, her upper lip is thinner than in the after photo. She had nice lips that did not need augmenting.

marie osmond before and after