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Tom Cruise’s chest grosses out people on . ‘Ew’ is the reaction almost unanimously from readers.  His chest has weird gouges all over that look like liposuction scars. His studio will not be happy with the high retouching bill.

Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise

Here’s a smattering of reactions to Tom’s shirtless picture:

Tom is so vain he can’t admit he’s not twenty anymore. He needs to stop shaving that blinding white flesh. It does not look good.

The droopiness is understandable, it’s just the odd off-centeredness and random lumps that aren’t a part of human physiology at any age that are creeping me out.

There’s a thetan in there. They’re lumpy.

THAT is saggy skin after bad/too much lipo. Tara Reid looks like that, too. *shudder*

So, Tom Cruise now equals….


Courtney Love and Tara Reid

Courtney Love and Tara Reid

‘What happened to Tom’s Torso’ is a big top on that site, with someone even furnishing a timeline of Tom’s sagging chest.

(P.S. Celebrities who’ve been famous since they were very young, should really not bother with plastic surgery, because we KNOW what you really look like. There are simply too many before pictures available.)

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