Poor Lisa Turtle!

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What in the world happened to Lark Voorhees’ face? She looks utterly bizarre!

Lark Voorhees

Lark Voorhees

The eyes have it!

The eyes have it!

The unflattering makeup and hair color don’t help, but the bad eye job in inexcusable as is the rhinoplasty (look at how the shape of her nostrils changed). Bad, bad, bad work.

Medically, what can Lark do to fix her face? Send me your answers! She’s only 35 and should not have gotten an eye lift.

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Rich wife spent money to look like Lil Kim – no lie!

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The one on the left is Veronica Hearst (she was married to one of the publishing members of the wealthy Hearst family). The other is Awful Plastic Surgery favorite, Lil Kim. See the resemblance between the two women? Millionairess Veronica likely spent a small fortune on her face and now looks like Lil Kim! Hearst has few wrinkles, but still, she is not going to pass for 25. (The doctor knew that and took her money anyway!)

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Heidi Fleiss – gee, its worse than we thought

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Gee, Heidi Fleiss is looking worse for wear than first thought. You know you’ve had a bad face lift when you look older than you did before the operation. Those weird cheek implants she has gotten don’t help either and neither does the chin implant. We know what you really look like, Heidi, give it up!

Heidi Fleiss

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Donatella Versace – the long hidden before photo

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Donatella was mostly a mystery to the world before her designer brother’s death. Now, she is known as the head of Versace and for having an insane amount of plastic surgery on her nose and lips. Today, a photo of what she looked like in 1990 surfaced (thanks TMZ.com).

What a difference a million swipes of the plastic surgeon’s knife makes. New nose, rounder eyes, plumper lips, more prominent chin, veneers, etc.

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Janice Dickinson has a Doppelgänger

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Janice Dickinson has a Doppelgänger in the UK. Her name is Huggy Ragnar and she needs to be banned from using lip fillers. Huggy is photographer and judge on the UK version of America’s Next Top Model. In her youth, Huggy was a model. (via Icelandic Fashist)

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Michael Jackson – the plastic surgery years

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Michael Jackson died this week. The public will never forget his great songs and performances. They will also remember him as an odd fellow who changed dramatically over the years.

First he had rhinoplasty. Then his lips became thinner. Next, his skin lightened, along with his chin changing shape. His nose kept changing shape and eventually cartilage from his ear had to be used to reconstruct its shape.

Over time, it was obvious that Michael was suffering from Body Dysmorphic Disorder and was becoming more of a recluse due to prescription drug addiction. He stopped appearing at events like the Grammys, socializing with other celebrities, and isolated himself at his Neverland Ranch, where his enablers kept him medicated as they fed off his dwindling riches.

Notice that cartilage was taken from Michael’s ear!

God bless Michael’s kids Prince Michael I, Paris and Prince Michael II and save them from the clutches of the greedy, dysfunctional Jackson Family and let them live with their godfather Mark Lester! Katherine didn’t protect Michael and she won’t protect these kids!

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Enough, Swoozie

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1. Too tight face lift – check

2. Can’t make facial expressions – check

3. Outrageously fake breast implants – check

You might remember Swoozie Kurtz from the tv show, Sisters, but not looking like a Spitting Image puppet.

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My daughter is my Hero, she bought me plastic surgery

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This is Leslie Vogel, the mom of Heroes star Hayden Panettiere. Do you think Hayden’s tv star salary helped finance her mom’s, um, ‘alterations’? It is pretty obvious that she’s had rhinoplasty, botox (super shiny skin is the give away), and lip enlargement.

More on pollsb.com

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Separated at birth Oksana Grigorieva and Octomom!

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Oksana Grigorieva and Octomom must have been separated at birth (or at the plastic surgeon’s office). It is a fascinating study in how two women can go in for facial alterations and come out looking similarly.

Popularity: 16% [?]

Amanda Lepore – my lips are sausages!

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With lips like tasty Jimmy Dean sausages, gender bender Amanda Lepore is irresistibly tasty. Love the red trout pout.

amanda lepore

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