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Does Trilastin really erase stretch marks? Here is what users of the product have to say:

Trilastin works best on stretch marks that are not too bad, i.e. the fainter sort of stretch marks.

One person says,” I used it while I was pregnant and did not get one stretch mark. But on my old stretch marks that I had from losing and gaining weight, it did not work despite the fact that I slathered on Trilastin.”

I also used Vitamin E oil in addition to the Trilastin to avoid the stretch marks.

Another user talks about her results with the new version of Trilastin, called Trilastin SR. She states,”I tried it for a whole month and saw no difference. Not to mention it gave me a rash.”

A young user who only had stretch marks for almost a year tried Trilastin and the product made her silvery white stretch marks vanish after two months of application.

Obviously results for the product vary.

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