Is Halle Berry going bald?

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Is Halle Berry going bald? Or is it her hair falling out after having a baby? Or is from too many hair extensions (I don’t believe that all that hair is hers, it is very full and looks like very expensive individual hair extensions to me)?

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Oh no, we pissed off Janine Turner!

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Oh no, we pissed off Janine Turner! This is the letter we got:

This law office represents Janine Turner. It has come to our attention that your website has published false and defamatory statements regarding Ms. Turner. Specifically, there is a page on the website, (the �Site�), published on November 22, 2004, that states �Oh no, not Janine Turner,� and �Her eyes now tilt up at the corners. Also her lips look much larger from being stuff [sic] with collagen.� The page contains two photographs of Ms. Turner, one dated 1994, and the other 2004.

Ms. Turner has never had plastic surgery, so the statements published on your website are false. These statements are injurious to Ms. Turner�s reputation in her profession, and therefore your publication of them counts as libel per se. Since there appears to be no attempt on your part to verify the truth of the defamatory statements, they were obviously published with a reckless disregard for the truth. Note that courts generally do not consider statements that can be verified as true or false to be opinion, so your attempt to disclaim the statements as opinion will not absolve you of liability. Ms. Turner may be entitled to both actual and punitive damages.

We demand that you immediately remove the web page referencing Ms. Turner from the Site, and refrain from publishing any further false statements regarding Ms. Turner. If we do not receive a response and confirmation from you that you have removed these statements, we shall pursue all legal remedies available. Our client reserves all her rights, both at law and in equity.


Patricia Nelson

Patricia Nelson, Esq.
P.O. Box XX
Bondville, VT 05340
Tel: (617) 780-XXXX

Email: pnelson@batt-tech.XXX

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OT – Can you spare a few thousand dollars to pay somebody else’s mortgage?

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This is totally off topic but important. Can you spare a few thousand dollars to pay somebody else’s mortgage? Fiscally responsible Americans like myself cannot and should not be forced to pay for someone else’s lack of responsibility (I rent a small studio apartment in Los Angeles in a low income area; at night, drug dealers and prostitutes roam the local main street. ). These people lied on their loan applications or signed up for loans without reading the terms. Please visit these links to find out how to stop this shameful gouging of middle class finances to bail out irresponsible people!

House Rep Barney Frank of Massachusetts created a 2.7 billion dollar bill that was passed by the House today to help out these financial dead beats! Give him a call at his many offices:

(202) 225-5931
(617) 332-3920
(508) 999-6462
(508) 822-4796

He also has email! Click here!

Get informed on this issue. This act sends out the message that US citizens ARE NOT responsible for debts that they create.

Angry Renter

Stop the Subprime Bailout

No Bail Out dot org

No Mortgage Bail Out dot com

Mortgage bailout just makes it worse

A video by the Angry Renter.

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Mischa Barton Queen of Cellulite

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Mischa Barton has been parading her cellulite laden legs around for months. Cellulite can be treated by building muscle in the problem areas, but she does not appear to making any progress in that area despite being photographed (in shorts) going to the gym. Who knows if she actually works out anyway? Many celebrity photos that are supposedly candid are staged. Should Mischa do something about her cellulite? She is only 22 and that is too young to give up on one’s body.

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Ashley Massaro Spin Control

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On the left in the bikini is an alleged Las Vegas model who happens to have the same name as WWE wrestling diva, Ashley Massaro. The WWE Ashley Massaro has been fingered in an escort scandal by the FBI and Rolling Stone magazine. Fans of Ashley are trying to say that the girl in the bikini is a dead ringer for Ashley with the same name who is actually the one implicated in the whole mess. They got the bikini photo off this page, click here.

It is the same girl in both photos. They both have the same fake breasts that sit high, identical scary jaw lines and heavy masculine brows. The only difference are the lips on the right, which is are larger thanks to collagen. A little lip collagen does not make a person look completely different, nice try WWE fan club.

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Wow, someone in Hollywood has natural breasts

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Wow, someone in Hollywood has natural breasts! That someone in this photo is Amy Smart (she was in ‘The Butterfly Effect’ with Ashton Kutcher and has gotten many roles Tara Reid would have gotten had she been sober). Its really a shock to see a blonde actress in Los Angeles who does not have bolt ons. Congratulations Amy on staying away from plastic surgery.

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Kim Stewart is so airbrushed

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Look at what airbrushing did for Kim Stewart. Granted, she is not fat, but still not toned. In lingerie picture, she has a perfect waist and totally flat stomach. In reality, neither are true.

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Poll Results: Do you think Mia Lee’s breasts are real?

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The poll results are in and 86% believe that news anchor Mia Lee’s breasts are fake! Here are the poll results.

Here are some of the comments left:
She was so pretty, now she looks like a freak! 04/07/08 11:46:44 PM MST
fake 04/07/08 8:16:13 PM MST
i will NOT watch that news bc of Her.
She is so cheap- so HIDEOUS. they should
fire her. IDIOTS classless freaks! 04/07/08 5:04:13 PM MST
they’re clearly fake- and she has a bad wig on 04/07/08 0:26:12 AM MST
Is there anything real about this chick? 04/06/08 11:44:54 AM MST
They don’t move….at all 04/05/08 7:26:06 PM MST
pulease….. 04/05/08 4:42:42 PM MST
I’ve just felt so sad watching such a lovely
girl mutilate herself like this. She was so
pretty before she dtarted tihs addiction… 04/05/08 1:35:10 AM MST

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A beauty queen without implants

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Miss England is an amazing creature. Not only is she, gorgeous, she also has an all natural figure, sans silicone breast implants. Wow. It is nice to see a woman in the spotlight with some real self esteem.

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Actress spotted trying to hide surgeried nose

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Actress Vera Farmiga was spotted by BuzzFoto with a bruised nose and hiding under a hat and sunshades while out in Beverly Hills the other day. She speedily rushed into a nearby office building and later was seen exiting at the same pace. Check out her bruised nose at BuzzFoto.

She was once quoted as saying:

“I can’t do Los Angeles. I’ve always been the anti-Barbie. I don’t want to be in a place where almost every woman walks around with puffy lips, little noses and breasts large enough to nourish a small country. As a kid I wanted attention, so I started praying for glasses because everyone had ace vision in my family. Then one day my eyes started going bad and never stopped.”

Gee, I’ll bet that quote disappears off her IMDB bio page quick.

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