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Leann Rimes roasted on

Leann Rimes roasted on

Country singer Leann Rimes gets roasted on after exposing her breast implants to public scrutiny in a teeny bikini. Here are just a smattering of the comments:

She has a major gap in between those bolt ons. She needs a pushup bikini top to bring those things closer together. They probably smell like Lady Speedstick because they are practically in her arm pits.

OK Leanne, so you got skinny. No need to slut it up now.

I knew she would be doing PR/attention getting stunts overkill since Brandi’s show has been getting attention. Im wondering how many more bikini shots we’ll have to suffer thru before Brandi’s show airs?
Gawd this woman gets crazier by the day.

The boob job did her no favors as they appear to be almost under her arm pits.

wow, crazy wide refund gap…

Oh dear mother of mercy…even her falsies are trying to escape the Leann express. It’s like they’re playing tug-o-war

I think she looks trim and toned, but those bolt-ons are just nasty!

Gross. Those titties are way too far apart to ever be considered remotely attractive. Uncool LeAnn.

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