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A fan of the site submitted a recent photo of actress Kerry Washington along with this note:

with the nose job and cheek implants and makeup she is slowly turning into an asian woman.

This is the photo she sent me. I added the photo on the left from 2003 as a comparison.

Kerry Washington in 2003 and 2010

Kerry Washington in 2003 and 2010

When you compare the photos, in 2003, you can see that her jaw was narrower, her nose was larger, and her cheeks were less prominent. My feelings on her cheek implants are mixed; if she gained 15 pounds or so, they’d look so much better. Also, the wider jaw looks good, but then again, she needs to gain weight to fill out her face. I honestly don’t like any facial plumping on a celebrity, because their bodies tend to be very bereft of fat while their faces are youthfully plump. It looks very strange and gives away the fact that tey have had work. Many soap actresses come to mind.

Overall, I don’t think Kerry Washington actually needed any work.

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