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Its been brought to our attention that viewers of ‘The Today Show’ are disturbed by Katie Couric’s face. Here are some excerpts of emails received:

Frighteningly bad plastic surgery[ies?] … Please stop.
Or is it just the make-up & lighting, etc.?
As a man, I feel pity for Katie Couric
Does it all start with the hair?
She seems to have spared her lips … for now.
But the smile? Wrinkles on the forehead? Eyes/eyebrows? [especially her right side] Nose? Cheeks even? … Or none of the above?
She looks so “dollish” though, right out of the box -

Another unhappy viewer writes:

A friend and I were at the YMCA today after work. The TV was on CNN and we both gasped when we saw Katie Couric doing one of those interviews with whomever. She just looks funky. Around the eyes and also around the nose and mouth. Just looks totally different.

It is very strange that Katie’s skin does have an oddly taut plastic sheen to it. Botox? Facelift? Who knows?

A reader who works in a plastic surgeon’s office has given us a possible diagnosis:

Kate looks like she’s had a good nose job and the rest can be attributed
to Botox. It looks as though her eyebrows have been raised with Botox
which is a less dramatic look than getting an eyelift. That can also
account for the lack of smile lines around her eyes and the preternaturally
smooth forehead. She may have some filler such as Restylane in her nasal
labial folds, but it’s a good job.


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