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Oh no, we pissed off Janine Turner! This is the letter we got:

This law office represents Janine Turner. It has come to our attention that your website has published false and defamatory statements regarding Ms. Turner. Specifically, there is a page on the website, (the �Site�), published on November 22, 2004, that states �Oh no, not Janine Turner,� and �Her eyes now tilt up at the corners. Also her lips look much larger from being stuff [sic] with collagen.� The page contains two photographs of Ms. Turner, one dated 1994, and the other 2004.

Ms. Turner has never had plastic surgery, so the statements published on your website are false. These statements are injurious to Ms. Turner�s reputation in her profession, and therefore your publication of them counts as libel per se. Since there appears to be no attempt on your part to verify the truth of the defamatory statements, they were obviously published with a reckless disregard for the truth. Note that courts generally do not consider statements that can be verified as true or false to be opinion, so your attempt to disclaim the statements as opinion will not absolve you of liability. Ms. Turner may be entitled to both actual and punitive damages.

We demand that you immediately remove the web page referencing Ms. Turner from the Site, and refrain from publishing any further false statements regarding Ms. Turner. If we do not receive a response and confirmation from you that you have removed these statements, we shall pursue all legal remedies available. Our client reserves all her rights, both at law and in equity.


Patricia Nelson

Patricia Nelson, Esq.
P.O. Box XX
Bondville, VT 05340
Tel: (617) 780-XXXX

Email: pnelson@batt-tech.XXX

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