How To Look Like A Stripper By Alexia Moore

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“Porn star” Alexia Moore aka Cassandra Malandri was arrested in a sweep of a strip club that offered more than nude shows. (Read the whole story at the New York Daily News.)Photographic evidence shows that Alexia was once an innocent looking girl who became emboldened by excessive plastic surgery.

In the first photo, she has very average normal sized lips. After some sort of lip enlargement, she bore a trout pout.

She also had a succession of breast implants unsuited to her small frame. The first set of implant looked liked small baseballs under her skin. The second set were larger in order for them to hang more naturally. The third set was monstrously large and, I suppose, well suited for being a worker at a strip club. Obviously having large breasts that do not look like they could even be remotely natural is okay in that industry. Yuck.

Ellen Barkin is against invasive plastic surgery

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Ellen Barkin is against invasive plastic surgery, according to a recent magazine article. Sure, Ellen, we believe you. However, pictures don’t lie. Look at how her lips have varied in size; in the year 2000 photo, her lips are gloriously plump and the top one is slightly misshapen. In the year 2004 photo, her lips look like they have tubes inserted in them (could she have lip implants?). Also, her eyes look more ‘awake’ and her skin even looks smoother. It can’t all be the work of Botox.

Plastic porn star

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These are before and after photos of a famous adult star from the 90s named, JR Carrington. She was renowned for her beauty at the height of career. Now, instead of fading, she is still clinging to her looks. Her nose looks like it has been shaved down. Her skin looks like plastic and has no lines (she is in her 40s, so I don’t buy the no wrinkle look at her age). Her eyes also look pulled up. Overall, she looks like an alien.

Back to her nose, in the original photo it looks as if she has already had rhinoplasty. I wouldn’t be surprised if her original nose was more beak-like. If that is the case, her primary surgeon did a good job, because that nose fits her face perfectly.

When Your Fiance Is 21, You Want To Look 21 Too!

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When your fiance is over a decade your junior, you want to look younger too. Just ask Brian Austin Green, who is the significant other (and maybe for not much longer) of actress Megan Fox.

Brian Austin Green is 34. In the real world, that is not old, but in Hollywood, it is where the nips and tucks begin. It is not uncommon for those in Hollywood who experience the slightest aging to run to the plastic surgeon. Green is looking very round cheeked, taut skinned, and alert lately compared to just a few short years ago.

Jack, No!!!

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I’ve always liked actor Jack Wagner, even before he was on the tv show, Melrose Place. Now, it looks like he’s gone and gotten a ‘refreshed’ face recently.

The new trend in making people look younger via plastic surgery is revitalizing the middle third of the face (the area from the nose to the mouth starts losing fat over time, resulting in a tired look). The sagging cheek fat pads are lifted up and restore a more youthful appearance to the face.

What else is different about Jack? His eyes are not as heavily lidded. In fact, I’ve never seen him look so bright eyed and alert.

Danielle Fishel is morphing into Angelina Jolie

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Danielle Fishel is morphing into Angelina Jolie and that is not a good thing. Her facial features look like they are being pulled upward. Her nose isn’t rounded anymore, it has a sharp tip. Her cheeks are more prominent. Even her eyes look larger as well as her lips. Overall, her face is starting look ‘hardened’. The more rounded features she had a few years ago were more youthful looking.

Clay Aiken – Making An American Idol

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I don’t think that many would argue against that fact that Clay Aiken is one of the best American Idol products ever. He is immensely talented. Apparently, the machine behind his persona felt that his physical appearance needed ’sharpening’. Did they go too far? I believe so. Even Yahoo’s music blogger took note of Clay’s transformation (he has a new album out called On My Way Here) and likened him to Madonna.


This is what Clay Aiken (see him on the AI website) looked like at the start of his reality tv journey and today he looks nothing like that. Literally all of his features are different.


In this photo, you can see that he now has what looks like more prominent eyelids, a straighter nose, a stronger chin, and molded cheeks. The photo on the right is very, very recent. It is almost as if he is morphing into Zac Ephron.


Now, look at what seems to be additional changes (yup, it looks like the record label spent a fortune on plastic surgery for one of their prize possessions). His gum line looks lower, his teeth look like they have been covered with veneers, and even his ears seem closer to his head (having prominent ears pinned back is called otoplasty and can even be performed on young children, click here for more info).

Josie Moran

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Model Josie Moran holds a photo shoot to show off her huge and what looks like, new, set of breasts. Why do fading models always get implants? Its rather pointless, because there are always younger and hotter models coming up the pipeline.

Fergie Grew Some Assets On Her Chest

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Wow, looks like Fergie grew some assets on her chest. Some huge assets. At least they are not porn star / stripper oversized accesories. Overall, her breasts do not look very plastic and are nicely augmented. At least she got the body part right, but screwed up above the neck.

Sharon Stone -what a difference a few years make

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Wow, what a difference a few years make for Sharon Stone. Perez Hilton shares his theory about Miss Stone’s appearance. Tra-la-la-la! Perhaps, she needs more sleep.

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