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Cathy Dennis has cat eyes

Many of you probably do not remember early 90s singing sensation Cathy Dennis. She is now a songwriter in London and apparently an avid fan of plastic surgery judging her oddly tilted at the corners eyes. She looks positively feline. Its quite a change from the softer look she had merely a decade ago.

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September 10, 2007 · webmistress · Comments Closed
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Christina, No!!

What is going on with Christina Applegate’s face? Her eyes look larger and definitely look ‘set’ differently in the after photo. Ever her wonky left eye appears different. Her facial skin looks smoother. Face lifts do not stop time, they merely ‘re-drape’ the skin of the face. The ‘re-drape’ can look strange until it settles [...]

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August 14, 2007 · webmistress · Comments Closed
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The severe looking Angelica Huston

Angelica Huston.. well, her face looks ‘tight’. She started out very normal looking; she was a cute. And then, what happened? My guess is cheek implants, a face lift, a brow lift and assorted botox injections. Anything to stay looking ‘young’, I guess.

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Sandra Bullock Looks Waxen

The Blind Side looks waxen lately. Her face has no lines, which is strange for a woman her age (Sandra is in her early 40s). One reader wrote in to complain about Sandra’s new look, claiming that all the individuality had been removed from her face.

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August 4, 2007 · webmistress · Comments Closed
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The Red Haired Crypt Keeper

Redhaired Crypt Keeper The Crypt Keeper is nearing 50 but shows no signs of slowing down the effort to play ‘young chick’ type roles. In her latest film, she is a frisky redhead with a hairline that starts back remarkably far on her head. Don’t be fooled by the hair near the ears, its fake. [...]

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July 3, 2007 · webmistress · Comments Closed
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Is Rose McGowan going through a wind tunnel?

Is Rose McGowan going through a wind tunnel? That’s what her face looks like. I do not recall her being a ‘smiley’ type actress. Why all the smiles now? Is she trying to hide something? Like a botched facelift or browlift? She is far too young for either, but in entertainment industry, you never know [...]

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May 22, 2007 · webmistress · Comments Closed
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Barry Manilow Walks Through A Wind Tunnel

Barry Manilow’s face looks as if he is perpetually walking through a wind tunnel. Its looks taut and ever so slightly twisted. What are the signs of a poorly done face lift? 1. A stretched and taut, unnatural facial appearance. 2. Loss of the earlobe. (See the last photo on the right, something looks funky.)

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February 28, 2007 · webmistress · Comments Closed
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Rob Lowe: Oh My Face Is Too Tight

Oh no, Rob Lowe’s face looks too tight. I wonder if it hurts for him to smile? I don’t think his trimmed down nostrils are a facial asset, they take away from the softness of his face. There’s nothing wrong with aging, but your skin should not look so tight that you continually appear that [...]

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November 9, 2006 · webmistress · Comments Closed
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What's Wrong With Vivica's Face?

An alert reader sent me the following email: Vivica A Fox looks like 20 years older with the work she’s had done is that a chin implant? cheeks? lips? eyelids? facelift? browjob whatever she’s done it’s too bad, she used to be cute AwfulPlasticSurgery.com has to agree. It looks like Vivica A Fox had some [...]

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June 5, 2006 · webmistress · Comments Closed
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Sarah Ferguson Has Bat Brow

Sarah Ferguson, although never as stunning as Princess Diana, always had a certain charm about her. Recently, she’s been spotted looking very ‘startled’; her eyebrows appear to be permanently raised. I received several emails from surfer frightened by Sarah’s new look. Just a while ago, she was also seen with a very swollen looking upper [...]

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February 7, 2006 · webmistress · Comments Closed
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