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September 2008
Rene Russo Gets Cheeky

August 2008
Miss Kora 2008 has a Michael Jackson nose
Jennie Garth looking slickly plastic
Does Christa Miller look like the Cat Lady?
Joe Biden has doll hair
Why does Vivica Fox have such a strange hairline?
Lee Grant is entering Bride of Wildenstein land
What do bicep implants look like?
Adrien Arpel's products keep her young - yeah, right!
No more gummy smiles for Miley Cyrus
Shannon Doherty looks scarier
Is this really Jennie Garth?
Buying Pretty
Thailand's Jocelyn Wildenstein
The Perils of Being Paula Abdul
Jennifer Anniston - What did she do to herself?
Tori Spelling's Strange Looking Chest
Jennifer Anniston's lips questioned by Star Magazine
Jason Lewis looks like a Chuckie Doll
Victoria Principal is a caricature of her 30 year old self
Connie Wildenstein
Awful plastic surgery left her unable to breathe
The Lionel Show Discusses The Darl Side of Plastic Surgery
Rachel Zoe - Still Ghastly
Lil Kim finally fixed nose dents
Celebrity plastic surgery addict receive $10 million in malpractice lawsuit.
Jennifer Anniston's lips are plump
Does Trilastin really erase stretch marks?
Jenna Jameson using lip collagen while pregnant
Did A Bee Sting Leo's Girlfriend's Lips?
Do my puffy lips make me look young, asks Ivana Trump?
Brad Pitt Redone

July 2008
How To Look Like A Stripper By Alexia Moore
Madonna is skeletor
The Ugly Breast Augmentation Ever courtesy of
Audrina's Fake Breasts
Ellen Barkin is against invasive plastic surgery
Plastic porn star
Pick A Lip Size, Kate
Oh no, look at Hayden's nose
Katherine Heighl's Fish Lips
Is that Madonna or one of the Spitting Image puppets?
The Kissable Lips of Kim Vo
NYC madam Kristin "Billie" Davis - Tranny or plastic surgery victim?
Brigitte Nielsen will show her plastic surgery on live TV
Sara Gilbert Is Headed Down The Michael Jackson Route
The Metamorphasis of Cindy Margolis
Meet hairstylist Sergey Zverev
Nicole Scherzinger - More Porn Star than pop star

June 2008
The Man With The Collagen Filled Lips
Madonna Looks Scary
Caught - Charlize Theron!
When Your Fiance Is 21, You Want To Look 21 Too!
Jack, No!!!
He paid to look like this
Kidman Less Scary Looking Now Pregnant
Marissa Miller - Yes They Are Fake
Want to see what a hematoma looks like after a month?
Update on skeletor with the fake boobs
Is Halle Berry going bald?
Marcia Cross looks frozen
Heidi Montag's Fun Bags Settle
Vote on Whitney Houston's breasts!
I hate Whitney Houston's breast implants
Another man with breast implants
Why was this surgery not a good idea?
By special request - Steve Guttenberg
Drugs and plastic surgery are bad, okay Tatum?
Even a princess can feel insecure about her looks

May 2008
Oh no, we pissed off Janine Turner!
Sarah McLachlan's Belly Button
Courtney Love
Separated at birth - Amanda Lepore and Pamela Anderson
The NBA's Most Plastic Wife
Wax figure or Victoria Principal?
Mary J Blige - Really Fake Looking Boobs
And for a change good plastic surgery starring Gabrielle Union and David Beckham
She scares me
Bianca Gascoigne really thinks her breasts look real
Can you drive a truck through these? Part 2
Scary Boobs Diagnosis
Kardashian Mom Put On Blast!
Danielle Fishel is morphing into Angelina Jolie
Daisy Fuentes' boobs look fake
Would you sue if your breast augmentation was botched?
The man who got breast implants
Anna Nicole Smith's Sister Gets Breast Implants
Cyclops Breasts
Just when you thought Madonna had run out of plastic
Nikki's Husband Loves Her Lips
Fascinating video about Michael Jackson and Plastic surgery
Megan Fox - real or fake?
Jenn Sterger - When did looking like a stripper become a good thing?
Italy's Scariest Socialite - Michaela Romanini
Nikki Cox - Situation Critical
Clay Aiken vs Zac Efron
Clay Aiken - Making An American Idol
The Nikki Cox Story
OT - Can you spare a few thousand dollars to pay somebody else's mortgage?
Is Ashlee sporting milk filled boobs or saline?
Mischa Barton Queen of Cellulite
New growth for Catherine Zeta Jones
The Scary Lips of Calpernia
Ashley Massaro Spin Control
Teacher fired when racy bikini photos of her appear online
Who looks younger? Demi or Cameron
Josie Moran
Wow, someone in Hollywood has natural breasts
Jennifer Walcott has a stalker
Fergie Grew Some Assets On Her Chest
Ashlee Simpson's Breasts Look Fake

April 2008
Is Lil Kim's transformation complete?
The Scary Lips of Jenna Jameson
Kim Stewart is so airbrushed
Loni Anderson Speaks
Kim Stewart's Implants Are Scary
Heather Locklear With No Makeup
Spencer's Sister Has A Stripper Boob Job
Poster child for awful plastic surgery caught in sex tape scandal
Why does Halle Berry have a scar in her armpit?
Sharon Stone -what a difference a few years make
Chloe Lattanzi Escapes Elimination on Rock the Cradle
Veneers Gone Bad
Why does Fergie look so old?
New Breast Augmentation Technique Discovered
Ashlee's Nose Knows
The Transformation of Dolly Parton
The Madness of Mickey Rourke
Meet the Mom From Home Alone
Mickey Rourke and doll hair
Are all the Kardasians made of plastic?
Arab Celebrities Before And Afters
Haifa Weibe Before And After
Celebrity Plastic Surgery Video - The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly
Tanya Roberts Looks Surprised
Ugly Breast Implants Newscaster Sues Hustler
Poll Results: Do you think Mia Lee's breasts are real?
Why does Clay Aiken look female?
The Weird Renee Zellwegger
A beauty queen without implants
Be Nice To Chloe
Emilio Estevez - Totally Not Hot Anymore
Who Is Aging Better? Lindsay or Sharon?
Faye Dunaway Has Chiclet Teeth
Poor Little Ali Has Trout Pout
More on porn star news anchor Mia Lee
Kathryn Lee - Obvious Face Work?
The Bogdanoff Brothers of Switzerland
Funny from the Mail Bag
Sly, Where Are You?
A new theory on Lara Flynn Boyle
Kathie Lee Gifford - Redone?
Slug Lips For Kate
The Trials and Tribulations of Renee Zellweger

March 2008
Is Lara Flynn Boyle Ill?
Janice Dickinson Before And After
Actress spotted trying to hide surgeried nose
Megan Fox Dips Into The Well Again
Latoya Is Scary, But We Already Knew That
Priscilla Presley Allegedly Has Silicone In Her Face
Donnatella Smiles
Madonna Tightens Up
Priscilla Presley
Audrina Patridge's Breasts Exposed
Lee Majors
A sample of the letters I get
Kidman's Bodyguard Beats Up Photographer
Kristin Davis Shocker
The Best Photos Of The Cat Lady Ever
Joan Van Ark Is Scary
Nice top row, Heather, now get the bottom done!
Lara Flynn Boyle - What happened?
Is Eliot Spitzer's escort Ashley Youman worth $1000 an hour?
Dr Tony Young Dissects The Maxim Hot 100
Escort Ashley Youman's original nose
In Defense of Patricia Heaton
Do you think Ashley Youman's breasts are real?
Escort Ashley Youman's Nose Job - It Sucks
Taylor Dayne Turns Into A Tranny
Rose McGowan - What really happened to her face?
Christina Aguilera Looks Very Engorged
Bride of Wildenstein Photo Redux
The Weirdness of Phoebe Price
Joan Rivers - More scary photos

February 2008
The Hollow Eyes of Barbara Walters
Remember when Eva Longoria was strikingly beautiful?
Traci Bingham Goes Overboard
Meet Bianca Gascoigne
Avril Lavigne Is So Punk Rock, Not!
Heidi Fleiss Is Scary
Brittany Murphy's Upper Lip Stung By A Bee
What the hell is going on here?
Yes, there is hope for Paris Hilton's Lazy Eye
Britt Eklund - not aging naturally

January 2008
The Worst Butt Implants Ever
Do you think Princess Madeline Has Breast Implants?
Skeletor With Breast Implants
Barbie Boobs Can't Save A Marriage
Does Justin Timberlake Really Kiss These Lips
Plastic Surgery Abroad
How To Get Free Breast Implants
Plastic Surgery Without Going Under The Knife!
Another Skinny Mini With Stripper Breast Implants
Heidi Montag Has Trout Pout And A Milk Mustache

December 2007
Why ruin a pair of perfect breasts?
Does Tara Reid Have Chiclet Teeth
Update on hematoma victim
What happened to Sandra Denton?
Ashley Tisdale Announces Rhinoplasty
Top Ten Worst Celebrity Boob Jobs

November 2007
Beyonce's Inflated Chest
Botched Plastic Surgery Victim Faces Lawsuit
Does Heather Mills Just Look Old Or Is She Altered?
Victims of Dr Jan Adams now have the opportunity to tell their stories on video
Two Settlements Against Dr Jan Adam
Doctor In Kayne's Mom's Death ID'd
Kelly Rowland Has Some Very Fake Looking Boobs
Kanye's Mom Dies From Plastic Surgery Complications
Harry Potter Author Looks Overdone
Ciara and the stripper boobs
Alyssa Milano Threatens
Help! I need a new lap top

October 2007
Jane Seymour - New Boobs?
The Ugliest Britney Ever!
Chris Evert Looks Different
Alyssa Milano: Wild On Botox
Don't Break My Heart Rikki
Lovely Lady Lumps For Nicole Kidman

September 2007
Bolt-ons for Hilary Duff
Poor Winnie
Vivica Fox Scares Me
Leona Helmsley Was The Joker
Do you believe Rihanna's breasts are fake?
Why Is Demi wearing shades?
Rihanna's Got New Boobs
Sorry, there is no plastic surgery rememdy for old hands
Jenna Jameson's Lips Reach A Monstrous Size
Cathy Dennis has cat eyes
Sissy Spacek's Nose
Scary Tummy Tuck

August 2007
Cheryl Tiegs Acquires The Spitting Image Puppet Look
No, its not a long lost member of Jackson member, its Koena Mitra
Help The Bad Liposuction Victim
Why does Nicollette Sheridan have a weird dent in her chest?
My lastic Surgery Nightmare
Bad lipo happens to civilians too!!
Bolt ons for Ann Coulter?
A Breast Explant story
Look at Scary Spice's Breasts Grow
Christina, No!!
The severe looking Angelica Huston
More on the scary liposuction patient
Watch A FaceLift Surgery Video
Sandra Bullock Looks Waxen
Did JLo Get New Boobs?
Jodie Sweetin showing off her breast implant scar

July 2007
Jackie Stallone Up Close
Botched Plastic Surgery - Underarm liposuction gone wrong
It's Alive - Jackie Stallone Redux
Catherine Zeta has new fun bags
What happened to Bret Michaels?
Another funny celebrity platic surgery video
Catherine Bell's Nose Is Not Melting
Weirdest Plastic Surgery Ever: Chick Gets A Dimple
Why is Tara Reid's stomach so scary?
Tara Reid stomach
Tara's Chest Was Already Crooked
Courtney Love Has Chiclet Teeth?
Brooke Hogan's Boobs Look Like Pecs
Victoria Beckham: Look at my half moons
Jeremy Piven loves plastic
The Red Haired Crypt Keeper
How Rob Estes Became A Pretty Boy
Mary Louise Parker Has No Wrinkles

June 2007
Amanda Lepore's Obsession With Plastic Surgery
The Cat Lady On Video
Sarah Jessica Tightens Up Her Brow
Victoria Beckham Franken-boob
Does Tommy Morrison have pec implants?
Busty Brooke Hogan
What did Paris Hilton's original nose look like?
Teen dies from Plastic Surgery
Los Angeles Lipodissolve Doctors Needed
Britney's Butt Cellullite
The Ten Worst Celebrity Boob Jobs
Teenager With An Extreme Makeover
Pete Burns Cosmetic Surgery Nightmares

May 2007
Links Round Up
Is Rose McGowan going through a wind tunnel?
By popular demand, here's Christa Miller
Are you unhappy with your plastic surgery result?
Reality TV Star Get Porn Star Boobs
Stephanie Jennings had an accident
Celebrity breast ripple?

April 2007
Hunter Tylo Threatens With A Lawsuit
Yes, Plastic Surgery Can Make You Straight!
Too Much For Peter O'Toole
What the heck is going on with Donatella's face?
A Nice Fat Upper Lip For Michelle Pfeiffer
Britney Looks More Hideous Than You Think

March 2007
Where Did Our Love Go?
Salma Hayek's Porn Boobs
Ffion Hague Gives Herself Away
Weekly Round Up
Facercise Worked For Me
Shannon stay home until everything settles

February 2007
The Craziest Puffy Lips In The West
Heather Mills Looks Like An Unattractive Tranny
Barry Manilow Walks Through A Wind Tunnel
Why doesn't her top lip move?
A site for plastic surgery reviews!
The Best Makeover Ever
Yet Another Freaky Member Of The Jackson Family
What did the cat lady look like before all those plastic surgeries?

January 2007
Jessica Simpson's Bad Hair Weave
Breast lift and enlargement surgery gone awry
Separated at birth?
Worst Plumped Lips Ever
Oh Mickey, You're Not Fine

December 2006
Amanda Lepore and Jocelyn Wildenstein Together!!
No Clay, plumping your lips does not make you look more masculine
Courtney Love Heads for Jocelyn Wildenstein Land
What happened to Anna Nicole Smith?

November 2006
Rob Lowe: Oh My Face Is Too Tight
My Lips Look Like An Anus
Ivanka Trump's Breast Migrates
Tara Reid Gets Fixed

October 2006
Sharon Stone Riddle
Sharon Stone: You Do The Math
Have you ever stayed at an aftercare facility?

September 2006
How To Make Yourself Look Older
She's Not Charlie's Angel Anymore
Have you been a victim of awful plastic surgery?
How do you know your breast implants are hideous?
Jennifer Connelly

August 2006
What's Wrong With Rebecca Gayheart's Face?
What's wrong with Christie Brinkley's eyes

July 2006
Whoa Nelly
Shannon Doherty's Strange Look

June 2006
Awful Plastic Surgery For JLO?
What's Wrong With Vivica's Face?

May 2006
Antonio Sabato and his plastic forehead
Rachel Ray Brow Lift?

April 2006
Trout Pout for Victoria Silverstedt
Why do Paris and Her Mother Share Plastic Surgeon
Katie Couric

March 2006
Vivica A Fox Shows Off Her Weird Boob

February 2006
Another Hollywood Trout Pout Victim
Sarah Ferguson Has Bat Brow
Christina Aguilera's Lips
Catherine Zeta Jones

January 2006
Liza Minelli Looks Surprised
Pamela Anderson

December 2005
What's really wrong with Jessica's lips?
Vivica Fox's Huge Top Lip
Naomi Campbell
Jessica Simpson: Worst Trout Pout Ever

November 2005
Jeremy Jackson (no, not the one from Dawson's Creek)
Lindsay Lohan's Incredible Shrinking Breasts
What's wrong with Naomi Campbell's nose?

October 2005
Tom Delay: Awful Plastic Surgery or Bad Genetics?
Vanessa Ferlito
What happened to Richard Grieco

September 2005
Busted: Marissa Miller
Salma Hayek's Post Puberty Chest Growth
The 2nd Scariest Man Alive
Enlarge Your Breasts To Be A Star
Andie MacDowell's Rock Hard Boobs

August 2005
Mia Farrow Through The Years
Are Beyonce's Breasts Fake?
David Coverdale has chiclet teeth
Peter Burns Is Still Lip Collagen Addicted
Hunter Tylo and her shelf boobs

July 2005
Is her nose partially melted?

June 2005
Joan Rivers Slams Robert Redford's Plastic Surgery
TV Viewer Horrified By Cybill Shepherd

May 2005
Lindsay's Chest Has Deflated
Jessica Simpson again
Madchen Amick
Nicolette Sheridan Gets Bashed On The QVC Boards
Jesse Jane Gets Dissected
Fan Mail
Natalie Portman?
Claire Sweeney

April 2005
The New Bree Walker
Lindsay Lohan's Plumped Up Lips
Michael Douglas Caught With Plastic Surgery Scars
Mariah Carey's Barbie Boobs
Katrina Campins Bolt Ons

March 2005
Britney Definitely Looks Enhanced
Does Britney Spears Have New Breasts?
Courtney Peldon
Dude Looks Like A LadyBoy?
By Popular Demand, The Jackson Family
Jewel: Big Implant or Overzealous Wonder Bra?

February 2005
Marg Helgenberger
Have you had awful plastic surgery in a foreign country?
Natalie Imbruglia shows off new chipmuck cheeks
Why does Tara Reid's Stomach Look Made Out Of Clay?
Ashley Judd?
Burt Reynolds Scares Jacksonville
Lindsay Lohan - Inside Scoop

January 2005
Jordan - Britain's Most Plastic Page 3 Girl
Minnie Driver
Stephanie McMahon Shaved Off Too Much
Tonya Mitchell
Jen Schefft's New Boobs
Lisa Rinna Once Had Normal Lips
Lynn Whitfield
Donate To The Asian Disaster

December 2004
Rick Springfield Destroys His Cupid's Bow
Is There A Point?
How self-inflicted plastic surgery turned Italy's It girl into a 'monster
Nicolette Sheridan's New Breasts
Are Ashlee's breasts fake too?
Separated At Birth?

November 2004
Oh no, not Janine Turner
Another Death During Plastic Surgery
More on Tara Reid's Bad Boob Job
Ok, how sauced was Tara Reid?
Tara Reid's Implant Scar
Bree Walker's Huge Lips

October 2004
The New Rupert Everett
Jocelyn Wildenstein Gets A New Hair Do
Brooke Burke Reports Are True
Shaune Bagwell
The Most Requested Celebrity: Nicole Kidman
Melanie Griffith Will Not Stop With The Plastic Surgery
Adriana Lima - Collagen Abuser
Bad Experiences
Ivana Trump and her puffy top lip
Brooke Burke Got Cheek Implants?
Nicolette Sheridan
Donatella's Lip Collagen Distaster
Vivica Fox Likes Lip Collagen
More Beckinsale Denials
Tera Patrick
Catwoman hasn't aged a day

September 2004
For All The Doubters
Liz, lay off the lip collagen
Posh Spice - Big Greasy Lips
Farrah Fawcett Busted Again
Why Jen? Why?
Gary Busy and his Chiclet teeth
Gwen Stefani is definitely looking more busty these days
Paul Stanley of Kiss
Teenage Paris Hilton
Capsular Contracture for Jessica Simpson?
Jessica's Fake Tits from another angle
Jessica Simpson's Breasts Looking Really Fake

August 2004
Lil Kim vs Leslie Ash
Tabitha Stevens The World's Scariest Porn Star
Fun Fan Mail
Lil Kim's Balloons On Display
Can You Drive A Truck Through These? You Betcha
Lindsay's Are Up To Her Neck
Paris Hilton and her hook nose
Billy Bob Thornton
Eliza Dushku
Christina's Falsies Get A Work Out
D'arcy Wretzky
Dannii Minogue
Michaela Romanini
Gwen Stefani

July 2004
Janice Dickinson
Bree Walker
Jessica - Noooooo!
See This Is What Drugs and Bad Plastic Surgery Do To You
Emanuelle Beart
George Michael - I Don't Want His Sex!

June 2004
Tara Reid's New Breasts
From Hot Drag Queen To Dried Up Old Dowager
Janice Dickinson
Lance Bass - Another Look
Lance Bass Gets Girly
Lindsay Does Have Implants

May 2004
Liquid Generation Discovers Lindsay Lohan's Scar Tissue
Jennifer Lopez: Is the transformation now complete?
It's A New Nose For JLo
Lil Kim Is Now Light Skinned
Courtney Fishlips Cobain
Yes, They're Fake
I'm Not A Little Girl, See I Have Fake Tits
Vivica Fox: Cute Girl With Ugly Tits
The Jenilee Harrison story: I look permanently surprised

April 2004
Did Jessica Simpson Get Breast Implants?
Rocco Dispirito
Glen Campbell Denies Nose Job
Lil Kim Has Lip Collagen
Kylie Stop With The Botox
Lil Kim Looks Like A Gremlin
Lil Kim Gets The Michael Jackson Look
Glen Campbell

March 2004
Is that drag queen really Beverly Johnson?
The Ugliest Breasts In Hollywood
Courtney Love's Scary Rippled Boobs
Catherine Bosley Sues
Woman Dies After Plastic Surgery
Ouch, My Face Is Too Tight

February 2004
It's Chris and Sarah by a nose!
What's wrong with Farrah's nose?
The New Bride of Wildenstein Is Farrah Fawcett
George Bush
Mandy Moore's New Nostrils
Sally Kellerman's Hands
Catherine Bosley

January 2004
Did John Kerry Get Botox
Collagen Victim Leslie Ash
Olivia 'First Wives Club' Goldsmith dies after face lift
Donald Trump's Huge Combover
Older Celebs?
Remember: No One Is Perfect

December 2003
Even Former Beauty Queens Are Insecure
Kate Bosworth
Christina Aguilera's Implants
Catherine Zeta Jones

November 2003
Halle Berry's Nose Job
Linda Evans
Leslie Ash
Courtney Love
Michael Jackson
Jessica Biel: Lip Collagen Overload
More of Sarah Jessica Parker's Great Nose Job
Ken Baker Mentions The Site on Howard Stern
From Sexy To Suprise: The Patrick Swayze Story
Britney Spears' Button Nose
Cynthia Gibb

October 2003
Why Does Ellen Degeneres Look So Different?
By popular demand, its's Mary Tyler Moore
Burt Reynolds - No, he's not Asian, he's got a bad face lift
Lara Flynn Boyle - Duck Lips Aren't Sexy
Arnold Schwarzenegger's New Look
Becoming JLO
Is it Marie Osmond or Cruella Deville
Al Pacino's Brow Lift
Priscilla Presley and Her Chipmunk Cheeks
Don Johnson and His Different Noses
Who's This Girl?
Ginger Isn't Sexy Anymore
Sarah Jessica Parker
Cher's New Face
Joan Van Ark Plastic Surgery Victim of the Day
Ouch my lips!
Melanie Griffith scares me

September 2003
Is That Loretta Swit or a weird kabuki mask?
Chris Noth and his under eye bags
Jocelyn Wildenstein
Lil Kim's Bad Boob Job
Mickey Rourke Added By Popular Demand
More Meg Ryan
How Did You Get Here
Axl Rose's Hair
Meg Ryan Aka Trout Lips
Ben Bratt Before and After Rhinoplasty
Tori Spelling
When Bad Boob Jobs Happen To Cute Girls
Susan Ward
Joan Rivers Leads the Pack
Jennifer Coolidge
Big Lips on Jackie Stallone
David Gest
What Happened To Farrah?
Sex Kitten With A Bad Boob Job
Michelle Pfeiffer
Natalie Imbruglia New Boobs
Meg Ryan: Did A Bee Sting Her Lips?
Madeleine Stowe: Is she a collagen addict?
Madonna's Slimmer Nose
Bruce Jenner
Victoria Principal
Pete Burns
Axl Rose Hits The Wall
Britney's Amazing Shrinking Chest
The Un-Natural
Look, It's The Joker
Hi Duck Lips
Ben Affleck
Amanda Lepore
Victoria Beckham's Fake Breasts