November 22, 2004

Oh no, not Janine Turner


Janine Turner (of the now defunct tv show 'Northern Exposure') is looking 'surprised'. Her eyes now tilt up at the corners. Also her lips look much larger from being stuff with collagen. Janine is only 42.

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November 15, 2004

Another Death During Plastic Surgery

Earlier this year, Micheline Charest, a co-founder of the CINAR animation company, died on April 14 from complications of plastic surgery. She was 51. Charest had cardiac arrest following a face-lift, breast-lift and liposuction.

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November 06, 2004

More on Tara Reid's Bad Boob Job


Look closely at Tara's nipple. It looks totally stretched out and misshapen. Is that a complication from surgery? You betcha.

On a lighter note, one alert observer notes:

In another high-res photo from that night, you can totally see that the sides of her nostrils were very red. To me, this signifies activity that requires snorting. You'd think she could afford some concealer to mask it; but this is a woman who seems to have used a coupon to get a discount on her boob job.

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Ok, how sauced was Tara Reid?


How drunk was Tara Reid on the red carpet? This is the second photo I've been sent of her with her scarred badly implanted breast hanging out! Apparently, there is a series of photos. She must've been three sheets to the wind not realize that half her chest was exposed. Maybe her chest has lost touch sensitivity since being implanted. There's more photos here.

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Tara Reid's Implant Scar

Tara Reid decided to show off her breast implant scars at a recent party. Oddly enough, given her high financial status, she did not get a doctor that puts the implant in through the belly button so that there was no scarring. She got them put in through the nipple. How cheap.

Tara Reid's implant scar

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November 02, 2004

Bree Walker's Huge Lips

Someone sent us a photo of Bree Walker's huge lips. And they are massive, rivaling both Lisa Rinna's and Melanie Griffith's huge pairs of trout lips. Whoever is giving her lip collagen injections should be arrested for malpractice.

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