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August 01, 2005

Hunter Tylo and her shelf boobs

By popular demand, I present to you soap actress, Hunter Tylo. Requests for her to be featured topped those of even Bree Walker. I don't believe that anyone besides Stevie Wonder would describe Hunter Tylo's seemingly enhanced bosoms as 'proportional'. Indeed, they jut out like a shelf and look strangely out of place on her small petite frame.

hunter tylo has a breast implant look

hunter tylo has a breast implant look

Hunter Tylo has always had lush lips, but now, they appear enormous.

hunter tylo's giant plumped up lips

Here's a letter from one viewer:

I am not a fan of soap operas, but the other day I was at a friend's house and she had on the Bold and the Beautiful. The scene that disturbed me the most was that of Hunter Tylo and what she has done to herself. She used to be very cute and in her earlier days hot. She know looks like a total freak.

The scene she was in was her on the beach with the guy who plays her love interest on the show. He is older and also looks like he partakes in a botox party or too, but Hunter looked ridiculous next to him. Her breasts are stripper (not that there is anything wrong with that) huge. She looks like she has the 20 year old porn stars breasts on her chest. She is older and should try to exude classiness since she is a well established soap actress, not geez I'm 50 years old I think that big hooters will help my career.

That is not the only thing freakish about her. Her face does not even look real, she looks like she has Joan Rivers/ Meg Ryan syndrome. Her face has been tightened and her lips have been blown up so much that she looks like her lips wrap all the way to the side of her face. The guards in front of Buckingham palace move more than her face did in the whole scene.

I also suspect a a tummy tuck., her stomach was very tight, but the bathing suit they had her in came up very high, like it was trying to hide something. I know that she has a few kids since she was the one who sued Aaron Spelling over her pregnancy issues and Melrose Place. Back when she wasn't a freak.

I wouldn't put leg lipo past her either. If someone screws with their face that much, just think about what she does to the parts that you can't see.

I also looked her up on a couple websites and they had photos of her before and she definitely has done something terrible to herself. Who ever did the surgeries should be arrested for second degree assault.

Posted by inthestars at August 1, 2005 10:32 PM

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