‘Barbie Flu’ Spreading in Ukraine

Valeria Lukyanova - Ukranian Barbie

Valeria Lukyanova – Ukranian Barbie

With the help of plastic surgery and extreme styling, women are proudly transforming themselves into living dolls
Barbie’s body dimensions may be physically impossible for a human to achieve, but that isn’t stopping a growing number of women in the Ukraine from trying. After one Ukrainian woman gained international notoriety for her transformation into a “living doll,” at least two more have surfaced as devotees of the beauty trend, nicknamed the “Barbie flu.”

There are at least two other Ukranian women who are making the media rounds calling themselves living dolls. One of them, Olga Oleynik, who goes by Dominkia, is reportedly friends with Lukyanova (it’s a small living-dolls world, after all) and the pair appear together in interviews. Dominkia has had breast augmentation to complement her doll-like look that includes long hair, contact lenses, and heavy makeup. Unlike the other two, Anastasiya Shpagina, 19, who goes by Anime, claims she has not had plastic surgery, though she would like to one day. For now, her look is achieved only through styling and makeup as well as an extremely limited diet of just fruits and vegetables. Anime reportedly rises at 5 a.m. to complete her look — which includes fairy-like outfits, long purlish hair, and large raccoon-like eyes — before leaving for work.

Ukranian Barbies

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