This is supposedly a photo of teen bride, Courtney Stodden, before she had any plastic surgery at all.

Supposedly Courtney Stodden Before Any Plastic Surgery At All

Supposedly Courtney Stodden Before Any Plastic Surgery At All

The photo surfaced on The Crazy Days And Crazy Nights blog a few days ago. What do you think? Is it really Courtney before all the plastic surgery or someone else?

Courtney is a very precocious teen. Her twitter followers are often treated to some very saucy words:

Exotically crawling through such a kittenish day as my saucy senses playfully pounce on every single frisky fantasy that comes my way; Rawr! (tweet)

Hello Mr. Monday! Mmm; I am merely melting as I lustrously lie beneath your steamy desire for a brand new week of nothing but mad miracles! (tweet)

As I slip on my sexy mini-skirt my taunting mind takes flight into an intimate world of wondrous imagination. Whats your Friday Fantasy? ;-) (tweet)

Is anyone still buying the ‘I was a virgin when I got married’ story Courtney is telling? Courtney Stodden and her parents (who have allowed all this to happen) are without question a product of the pornification of America and we should all be very ashamed.

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