This is completely off topic, but a must read if you bank at Bank of America. My best buddy got an email from Bank of America saying one of her credit cards had been compromised. She called B of A back and it turned out that she’d just been doing more shopping than usual and all the charges were hers. End of story, right? Nope. The next morning, she logs in the Bank of America website and sees a notice that she needs to call them about her Bank of America credit card (a Mastercard). She calls them again, even though she had already handled the matter the prior day, or so she thought. When she finally gets a CSR on the line, he stumbles through all the identification questions with her and then he puts her on hold for 5 minutes. She hangs up and then calls back later to try and resolve a problem she had already fixed the prior day. The CSR was very reluctant to help her (she told the guy she was not shocked that B of A was not helpful, because when her checkbook was stolen 2 years ago, they were anything but helpful and she had the privilege of paying $200 in charges that were not hers!). That should have been the end of it, right?

It wasn’t. Later that night, while trying to buy items at a store, she discovered that her Bank of America debit card (yup, her bank account ) had been blocked. A call to Bank of America customer service revealed that a Bank of America CSR had blocked her debit card and sent her a new one WITHOUT her permission.

How is it that a CSR in the Bank of America credit card department gained access to a bank client’s checking account? If you call Bank of America, they will swear to you that the departments and computer systems are separate. Well, THEY ARE NOT. Be careful when dealing with Bank of America.

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