I’ve been getting emails about actress Megan Fox having had her cheeks enhanced. I don’t think she has. I believe that she has lost too much weight and it is showing in her face. Even her lips look larger on a now much smaller face.

Megan, gain some weight. If you can’t do it on your own, get a therapist, you look awful.

Megan Fox's Features Skewered On Now Too Skinny Face

Megan Fox's Features Skewered On Now Too Skinny Face

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10 Responses to “No Awful Plastic Surgery For Megan Fox”  

  1. 1 nene

    you loook awful? are you kidding me? she looks amazing!! and thats her hair ,she is not wearing a wig!

  2. 2 dan

    fake teeth,fake lips,fake nose,botox…what else?

  3. 3 Opheliac
  4. 4 jude

    …wish I looked as “awful” as she does!!!!!!

  5. 5 maria

    She still looks better than most!

  6. 6 funderpants

    I’d guess that she often wears wigs for photo ops since she’s talked about her hair falling out in the press. I think she attributed it to weight loss. (circa Jennifer’s Body) Falling out hair, stopped menstruation, and “chipmunk cheeks” can be results of eating disorders. Bulimics can have permanently expanded salivary glands, plus the aforementioned extreme weight loss can easily make it look like Megan Fox did get something “done” to her cheeks.

    That said, I wouldn’t put cheek enhancement past her, since she’s had tons of other obvious work done!

  7. 7 Mark

    Awful? Are you kidding me?! She’s stunning. Beautiful. And who cares if she had her nose refined. Angelina has had tons of surgery to enhance her natural beauty too. Both these women are stunning and have been made even more so with a tweak from the surgeons knife. You can’t turn a dog-faced woman into a beauty with surgery, but you can take a very pretty beauty and make her stunning which is what has been done here.

  8. 8 Mich

    she looks terrible now. she used to be really cute, especially when she didn’t cover up her freckles, now she looks plastic and vacant.

  9. 9 Pam

    I agree that she looks good in a sort of porn-fantasy, Jessica Rabbit way. But its sad because she was such a pretty girl before. Now she just looks plastic. Also, if she continues to tweak her face at this rate, in a few years it will start to look really awful.

  10. 10 Tamiko

    She looks awful? Um, no…

    That pic from 2006 is stunning. I think she looked her best in that one…not as glammed up yet.