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Corey Haim had a facelift last year

Corey Haim

Corey Haim

Corey Haim had a facelift last year (not sure why, the phone was not ringing off the hook for jobs). If you look at the second photo, you’ll notice his hairline is further up and that his eyebrows are higher up on his face, which are tell tale plastic surgery signs. RIP, Corey!

P.S. Anyone think Lindsay Lohan is paying attention to this?

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  1. Darian Zam says:

    the usual unresearched, unsubstantiated claims.

  2. Mayo says:

    Maybe it’s because of weight gain, but if these two pictures were presented to me without a name I would’nt think it’s the same person. The only features that are the same in his face is the nose and the mouth. Everything else looks different. I was also astonished by how much he has changed since he was a kid. I’ve seen “the lost boys” but I did’nt understand who this guy was until I looked at some old pictures. But I agree, he did look much, much better in the before picture. I’m really sorry he’s dead. Too many young celebrities have died now in a short time beacuse of medication or drug addiction. Makes me happy that I’m not famous.

  3. Ben says:

    Hahaha. This site is utterly retarded.

  4. cidknee says:

    It’s actually kind of impressive how bad someone running a plastic surgery website is at recognizing plastic surgery.

  5. Jake says:

    Why would Lindsay Lohan be paying any attention to Corey Haim’s plastic surgery adventures? Are you implying that anyone who has a face lift will die within a year? If only that were true. No, Corey Haim was so effed up that most people could not tell the difference between Corey Haim and Corey Fedlman. I know who they are because I really despise Feldman. He looks like a d-bag and he sounds like he has a frog in his throat. Haim was actually the better of the two Coreys, but then again that is not saying much. Here’s hoping that Feldman is the next to go. Did you guys just love the interview he gave recently. He said that he really cared for Haim and that if he knew that he was in so much trouble that he would have gotten help for him. Lol….yeah right! Corey Feldman isn’t Mother Teresa. Feldman is not known for helping people in times of need.

  6. Dear Lord In Heaven says:

    It’s not a facelift, he’s bloated and fat from the drugs. Although i dont know what to say about the horrible eyebrow pluck. cant blame that on pills.

  7. KiKi says:

    Why do you think EVERYONE has a facelift.. he obviously just plucked his eyebrows and is somewhat chubby- he was 38. He looks good except for the brows.. was he a cross dresser or something…

  8. Marieke says:

    Bad taste to mention him, he just died! And no sign of a face lift. Changes like most people mentioned due to weight gain, bad health etc. If you look at his eyes, it’s so easy to see that he didn’t have plastic surgery.

  9. bj says:

    Is it just me or have the site mods turned off the comments on this site?????? Probably sick of us all bagging the bad taste posts, but hey as the old saying goes, build it and they will come! even if it is in the way of bagging comments! Posting on deceased people celebs or not is just wrong.

  10. GiveMeABreak says:

    Ha, I noticed that the comments were turned off on the last few posts. Did someone get their feelings hurt or what?

  11. Mike says:

    I don’t think he had a face lift, just bloatedness (he sort of looks like Ellen DeGeneres) … anyone remember that phone-line him and Haim had named “Call The Corkys” … I loved R.I.P. Corky’s line ‘like you can call and we can, like rap together’.

  12. ~LisaG~ says:

    Interesting how the comments are turned off, so that we cannot comment on the lastest photos. I think everyone always had good feedback, and tells it like it is.

  13. Michelle says:

    He didn’t have a facelift, just some hair loss & eyebrow plucking. Also he’s squeezing his face up in the second photo, impossible to tell anything. Besides, he was broke. Where the hell would he get the money?

  14. 62831 says:

    The comments have been turned off on the newest pictures. LOL…Did we hurt your pwecious widdle feewings, moderators???

  15. Aggie says:

    I used to follow this site religiously, and now I have to even question if you know what you are talking about when you claim some folks have had it. Maheim doesn’t look like she’s had it, and I also find it interesting that you have turned off all comments now. I defended you before in the past when folks ragged on you, but now it just seems you wish to claim surgery for some and not allow anyone to possibly counter it. Good luck – you will need it.

  16. Marieke says:

    Very, very Strange, comments turned off. And just like you say Aggie, still showing photos of people like Maheim who clearly never had any plastic surgery. Look at the hooded eyes, first to handle if you have any plastic sugery. Most common procedure in the Netherlands.

    I would say, improve the examples, don’t insult people and turn the comments on.

  17. Madeline says:

    I agree— comments turned off because Camryn Manheim has clearly aged gracefully and not had any work done. This website is so done.

  18. bj says:

    I agree all…I think I’ll be ditching this site real soon i thought i would give them a few more goes to see if comments turn back on but it seems not!!!!

  19. lt says:

    eyebrow plucking for sure, but can anyone explain the different chin to me? looks like a huge implant in the 2nd picture. with all due respect, r.i.p.

  20. Amber says:

    By turning the comments off they are just straight out admitting that they have lost it. Not one of the recent photos looks any different to their before photos. They are just making up any old crap now. If anything Camryn Manheim had less wrinkles in the before shot. Pffft pathetic.

  21. Dy says:

    Well, that CEO is pretty scare, I have to admit; the one above him, I’ve never heard of; and Camryn looks exactly the same to me, except in the before pic, she’s wearing false eyelashes, or tons of mascara.

    I guess I got my opinion in, anyway. ;) This whole turning comments off is just silly. Are they tired of hearing our opinions, or they just can’t handle being disagreed with? I guess I’m going to have to stick with None of it’s true, either, but at least I can still weigh in. Thanks for turning me to that site, moderators. Bye, all!

  22. Josh says:

    I must agree this site is getting LAME

  23. bj says:

    @ Dy….thanks for the idea I’m joining you! Goodbye!!!

  24. bj says:

    hey everyone may I just suggest to you like it or hate it but i have to admit it’s a whole lot more interesting and modern than this site! with vid’s of the latest celebs and guess what, he actually posts about positive plastic surgery celebs have had and actually gives credit to those who have clearly had work done and look great for it! see Jane fonda(72) !!! I’m signing off for good and headin to Perez! bah bye………………

  25. Sara says:

    I don’t think it’s a face lift. I think he plucked his eyebrows off and has a drugged out face.

  26. Josh says:

    P)Perez Hilton is just a fat ugly queer..

  27. K.McMahon says:

    Corey Haim’s face lfit surely is not a improvement. It appears that in in effort to boost his lagging career he has tried to make himself look like a boy rock band member. I would not want his surgeon as my plastic surgery dr

  28. Susan says:

    Seems like the comments are off because everyone bashes this website. Now this gets real boring.

  29. Fred says:

    Amber you’re wrong, she had her implants removed a few months ago (compare her boobs between the If U Seek Amy video aned the 3 video) : the before pictures are actually pretty recent. So, if the after photos were really taken even more recently, it is pretty obvious that she got new ones.

  30. lala says:

    Britney’s still under conservatorship I doubt she’d be allowed a breast aug. The comparison is a dress and a t-shirt difficult to see. Plus her breasts don’t have that perky look implants give you.

  31. Jake says:

    I wonder if Corey Feldman ever got any work done on his face.

  32. Dy says:

    Britney, girl, put on a bra! She says she doesn’t want the negative publicity, and then she walks around, bearing all! I don’t get this girl. Is it just me, or does she look a lot like Courtney Love in the photos on the right?

    That dress looks like it might be flattening her out, so I can’t say if this one is obvious, or not.

    If you want a good one, I just watched Days of Our Lives, after not having seen it in years, and the woman who plays Carlie can barely even move her face! It’s SCARY! She has definitely had a ton of work done. Lips, obviously, and maybe even a facelift and cheek implants. (Why do celebrities like the chipmunk look?) She’s further proof that when you try to turn back time, you just end up looking freakish.

  33. Javah says:

    Sometimes this site is wrong. He was bloated, that’s why he looked so different. Drug abuse, alcoholism and even allergies can make people look very different. My nose and chin swells from allergies. If I were famous, you’d swear I had something done.

  34. HM says:

    Am I the only one who can’t comment on the pictures anymore? Many people were saying this site was losing thier touch and now the comments are always turned off! Free speach my bum!

  35. violet says:

    turn the comments back on. without it, this site means nothing.

  36. user says:

    heidi montag’s spine scoop – lie or real procedure?

  37. Dy says:

    I completely agree with Violet. Half the fun was reading others comments. Now, it’s just blah. :(

    So, I’m going to just comment here:

    Billy Crystal, say it ain’t so!! What have you done to yourself?? His eyes definitely look different, and he does look more feminine. :( This makes me sad.

    Heidi, Heidi, Heidi. That girl is going to really regret all the work she’s had done. Is she not planning on ever having children? I know I’ve read articles where she’s talked about children. Spencer Pratt = Idiot He’s enabling her with this horrible plastic surgery obsession. Someone needs to intervene, or this poor girl is going to end up maimed and paralyzed. “Back scoop” surgery?? Seriously?? A plastic surgery office is not like a hairstylist. You don’t just go in and say, “Give me the works” or “Do what you think looks best.” Why would she have that done if she didn’t even know what it was??

  38. Teddi says:

    I gave it a week or two to see if they could produce something actually worth looking at and if they would allow comments. They’ve done neither! See ya…

  39. Dy says:

    Still nothing? How can you ask us a question, and then not let us comment to answer it? :/ This is sad.
    Heidi – Wow! Someone needs to take her husband away. I would site spousal abuse on this one. She’s going to regret this one day.

  40. ITA says:

    I think he got chin implants. It looks…larger.

  41. SheQuon says:

    I didn’t think he had a lift, didn’t his face just get fatter with the rest of him?

  42. blitz69 says:

    What I find most annoying is the fact that some celebrity people can’t win with the public no matter what. If a celeb lets themselves age naturally, eveyone is like “ewww how gross, they really should [inset name of procedure here]“. If the celeb happens to try and fight natural aging by getting procedures, everyone is like “OMG that person had [inset name of procedure here]“. NEWSFLASH, everyone gets old, and it’s not always pretty. Stop judging and blaming people for something that happens naturally to all of us. And if it helps the celeb to get surgery to deal with aging in an industry where looks are equated with self worth, SO WHAT? Focus on your own health, life etc… I’m sure you could use “some work”.

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