Where Rachel Uchitel Gets Her Pucker Done

Rachel Uchitel

Rachel Uchitel

Where does Tiger Woods’ mistress Rachel Uchitel get her lips inflated? SmoothMED clinic on East 59th Street

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January 8, 2010 · The Staff · 251 Comments
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251 Responses

  1. WarpedRecord - January 8, 2010

    Um … OK. Is this an advertisement for the clinic?

  2. Karen - January 8, 2010

    This girl ruined her once good looks!

  3. January - January 8, 2010

    Her lips look like a toilet plunger – Wonder if she had those lips before Tiger? Her lips are way bigger than Tiger’s.

  4. art - January 8, 2010

    why give this doctor/clinic free advertising? as bad as pumped lips ALWAYS looks, there will also ALWAYS be people that do it just to be ‘cool.’ i bet this place gets hundreds more calls just from this ‘ad’ you posted. do you get money from them? you must. this is a pretty sad development on this site.

  5. GiveMeABreak - January 8, 2010

    She is extremely hot.

  6. Mike - January 8, 2010

    Given that Tiger wanted only one thing from her I guess innertube lips were the best way to provide it.

  7. Kathy - January 8, 2010

    Why doesn’t anyone else mention that fact that she’s had a nosejob? Her is nose is much shorter and smaller now than in older pictures. I think it makes her look like more of a horse face….

  8. Suzy0101 - January 8, 2010

    I think with all the media blasting pictures of beautiful people with big fat pumped up lips I now have a skewed idea of what’s supposed to look good anymore. Gah….I’m so confused! Help!

  9. Venus In Blue Jeans - January 8, 2010

    It’s not true that inflated lips ALWAYS look bad. Angelina Jolie, Julia Roberts, and others, seem to think it helped their careers. As for Uchitel (what a name), haven’t we already covered her previously? It is oxymoronic that you on one hand make fun of her lips than on the other hand advertize where she had them done. The advertisement won’t get America off its arse to run to that clinic. Maybe just a few locals in New York. There are so many surgeons who perform lip enhancement that there’s no real need to leave your town for it. FAT INJECTIONS are the best lip and facial filler, I keep repeating this. Have the doc harvest your own fat…..you cannot reject it and it lasts for over a decade in most cases. Also, you don’t have to PAY for the material as you would with artificial fillers. As for her lips being bigger than Woods’, I don’t think so. What may have happened is that some of his lip transferred to her from all the spit swapping. They, this, and the whole shebang is already OLD…..seems this site is really reaching for subject matter.

  10. Venus In Blue Jeans - January 8, 2010

    What you might want to point out, other than her hashed and rehashed lip pumpings, is the beginning of a little double chin that is visible in the above photo. Must be a genetic issue, as she is rail thin. So now she will have another area of concern to work on at the surgery clinic.

  11. leo - January 8, 2010

    It’s funny because I now notice and like the look of thinner lips – it’s almost as if that inflated look has been so overdone and is just so passe. Getting anything injected into your lips that is going to last 10 years seems like a risk considering the fact that fashion trends like that go in and out of style.

  12. lady - January 8, 2010

    venus in blue jeans, neither julia roberts nor angelina jolie had injections/fillers put into their lips, they are NATURAL!!!!

    that is why they look good, cant you tell the difference between the done fake lips, and authentic ones!?

  13. somuchstupidity - January 8, 2010

    her name is slavic and it means “teacher”. i find most anglo names just as weird.

    that being said, tiger woods is such an idiot. his ladies, wives and whatevers, all look the same…he hates himself, that’s for sure.

  14. Lea - January 8, 2010

    What a downgrade from Elin…

  15. Q - January 8, 2010

    I look at this more as a warning to avoid this clinic than an ad for good service but that’s just me…

  16. Blackie - January 8, 2010

    Wow, how great it is to be blessed with natural large (but not freakish) lips so I’ll never have to worry about this kind of crap (not that I would anyway…) Of course, back in the day, my full lips and other non-Anglo features of mine were made fun of & denigrated. I also see celebrities on here who have surgery to plump up their backsides…Heh, I remember 30 yrs ago trying my best to squeeze my round arse into designer jeans & failing miserably. Flat butts were IN! It’s nice to be “in fashion,” for a little while, at least!

  17. le - January 8, 2010

    She and Tiger are both so “classy”.. they deserve each other.

    I’m so glad Elin will get lots of money..

  18. art - January 8, 2010

    even in the context of this story, the mention of Tiger’s lips is just racist, pure and simple. i’m shocked at how much MORE people seem to be comfortable with public displays of racism since Obama was elected. Post racist society my ass. it’s more like everyone wants everyone to know they’re racist assholes.

  19. Dy - January 8, 2010

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but once women begin to have this done, don’t they have to keep doing it? It seems like it would stretch the skin on your lips so badly, that there’s no return to normal. I’m wondering how bad Lisa Rinna’s lips would look without the procedure. And do men really find this attractive? My husband spotted one of these celebrities the other day and wanted to know what was wrong with their mouth.

  20. Swine - January 9, 2010

    As disturbing as her fat ugly lips r, I’m getting so sick of looking at those hideous sunglasses. Between the sunglasses, the lips & the long unkempt hair, she looks like Cousin It from the Addams Family. Sheesh, what a skank. Great taste, Tiger!

  21. ozanna - January 9, 2010

    Re: Comment by lady — January 8, 2010 at 12:04 pm

    Both Julia Roberts and Angelina Jolie have their TOP LIP injected with fillers. Julia Robert’s top lip has always been thin. Angellina Jolie had a very full upper lip but with age it has decreased and she has been getting it filled up for about a decade. Easy to see if you look at older photos.

  22. Jess - January 9, 2010

    I think the procedure that Lisa Rinna had done was permanent lip implants (silicone tubes) which does stretch the lips. I saw her on a show awhile ago talking about how she knows her lips look terrible but the doctor she went to screwed up and now she’s stuck like that. I don’t think the injections stretch the skin because they’re just temporary.

  23. MG - January 9, 2010

    I don’t think Rachel’s lips look bad, in fact, they look kind of good to me. As far as Lisa Rinna, I also think she had an implant put in. I think she likes it because I believe, if she didn’t she could have it fixed.

  24. Venus In Blue Jeans - January 9, 2010

    Lady my dear…Julia’s upper lip has no ‘bow’…you know, dip in center of lip right under the philtrum that everone else has. A missing bow is like an arrow pointing to lip job. Even her brother Eric has a bow in the middle of his upper lip. Her upper lip looks like a half moon. As for voodoo chile AJ, oh puhleez. She had a huge lower lip and an upperlip commensurate with her youthful age and natural lip structure. My lips were exactly like hers. As a result, I was called the “N” word when I was young, jokingly, by my envious sisters, who did not inherit this trait. As I aged, my upper lip in particular faded. I had fat injections 10 years ago and they are still full. I did not inflate them in a ridiculous way, adn my surgeon was the cautious type. AJ is agind and the fact that her upper lip keeps plumped is a dead giveway. It is large than when she was young. These two actresses created the whole rave. Formerly, Hollywood makeup artists just drew a much larger lip using a lip pencil, and filled it in. SOme people still do this. It looks ridiculous in person but in photos can be adjusted to look real. Uchitel’s upper lip bow is beginning to fade away from repeated, excessive pump jobs. Depending on what filler is used (and FAT is the best) her lips may be left hanging and drooping like Rhinna’s.

  25. Venus In Blue Jeans - January 9, 2010

    Fact is, people have bad memories about an actress’ original appearance. I hereby submit for you a still from the movie ‘Mystic Pizza’. Julia Roberts’ first acclaimed role from 1988. She was 21 and should have had her biggest ever lips. Instead, we plainly can see that she has small lips and her biggest ever NOSE. Let the evidence make my case for me. As for AJ, do your own digging and you’ll see undereye bags and a nice upper lip but not the cushion she now sports.


  26. plastic - January 9, 2010

    she looks pretty horrid without sunglasses on.

  27. Kelly - January 10, 2010

    um having FAT injected into lips? OH my lord……anyone who does this needs to get a life badly.

  28. Q - January 10, 2010

    Why? Things like fat injections aren’t bad in and of themselves.. it’s when people take them to such an excess that it permanently destroys their natural lip line (hello Lisa Rinna!) or when they keep it up even though the “enhancements” look worse than before (I still cringe every time I see Marg Helgenberger’s lopsided top lip) that it gets to be bad.

  29. Venus In Blue Jeans - January 10, 2010

    Kelly, I HAVE a life. You are always such a hostile entity, even though you rarely blog. I had my own fat injected in my lips and they still look gorgeous with a pretty center bow on the top lip. I am letting people know that their own fat is the best way to go. The reason surgeons don’t push this is because the artifical fillers make them more money. Oh my Lord, you say? What Lord might that be?

  30. Alexis - January 10, 2010

    Did Tiger Woods screw around with anyone who isn’t a pig?

  31. Madeline - January 10, 2010

    Re: Julia Roberts, see the Mystic Pizza movie poster. Huge upper lip, no bow. Some people really are born this way. I don’t think she’s had a nose job either. To this day, her nose is still really long and pointy, with big nostrils. If she had anything done to it, she didn’t get any of its faults fixed. But she’s definitely had a good eyelift over the years.


    Whether or not lip fillers look realistic is up to what the patient wants and what the surgeon/practitioner provides. Some crazy women say, “I want HUGE, SEXY lips!” And others say, “I’m getting older. Please fill in these lines and creases, and give me a little more fullness.” The crazy women think it’s NOT money well-spent if you can’t tell the work has been done (“Look how big my lips are! It cost $400!”). The sane women think it IS money well-spent if you can’t tell something’s been done, their lipstick no longer bleeds, and their mouth simply looks like it did back when they were in their 20s. This is an easily achievable result in the hands of a skilled doctor or nurse. There also are women who have a teeny tiny slash of a mouth and hardly any lips at all. These women simply want to have average lips, but can also end up looking trout-pouty because there isn’t room to accommodate the filler. They are probably happy just to have normal-sized lips in the end and don’t mind the pout, especially given all the freaky knife-jobs you see on all the D-list celebrities and wannabes these days.

  32. Madeline - January 10, 2010

    And, geez, Kelly. I think you need to get a life yourself and stop harshing on people who want to feel better about their appearance and decide to do something about it. What’s wrong with fat injections? Women used to say the same thing about other women wearing make up or (omg!) long pants. Seriously, keep up with the times or join the apes and go climb a tree.

  33. Venus In Blue Jeans - January 10, 2010

    Madeline, look at the poster again. Her nose is wide and bulbous (and the poster heavily airbrushed) and corresponds with the link I posted above that is a still from the movie. Her lips do not look full, and there is an odd crease under her nose. Her nose today is half the width and much more sculpted. Her lips have been increased. So what? It’s her prerogative but to deny she did it seems pointless. Honestly, you seem an intelligent person and thanks for taking up my cause about the fat injections to my lips. I am totally PRO plastic surgery if it is done tastefully and helps the person feel better about themselves. Women are expected to look good and competing in the job market has sent non-celeb women to the plastic surgeon more than any other reason. Fat injections do the same thing as collagen, restylane and juvederm without the risks of those foreign materials.

  34. Shocked - January 11, 2010

    “…her name is slavic and it means “teacher”. i find most anglo names just as weird.”
    Thanks for the translation, no thanks for the dig at “anglos,” somuchstupidity (now there’s a WEIRD last name).

  35. somuchstupidity - January 11, 2010

    glad to dig into anglos any time, even more glad that you liked it so much shocked dear. .

  36. Venus In Blue Jeans - January 11, 2010

    Adios, amigos, have my own blog page. You can come and see how ugly I am and air your grievances on any topic, especially Orit Fux. Happy Trails!


  37. CK - January 12, 2010

    Lesson here: avoid this clinic, unless you want to look as trashy as Rachel Uchitel.

  38. MG - January 12, 2010

    Venus, saw your blog. Very good job. BTW you are very beautiful. :>)

  39. Sickitten - January 17, 2010

    Screw the lips! She needs to get on that wonk eye, STAT!

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