Kate Walsh’s new boobs

Kate Walsh obviously wants to boost her popularity by increasing her bust size to something more spectacular. It almost works except for the slightly off cleavage and public photos of her looking much smaller breasted.

Kate Walsh

Kate Walsh

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34 Responses to “Kate Walsh’s new boobs”  

  1. 1 Lamb

    No bra Vs. push up bra….cmon!

  2. 2 Q

    The second dress doesn’t look like she’d be able to wear a pushup bra either, unless she planned on wearing that jacket all night.

  3. 3 Sally

    If you look closer, you’ll see that the top of her dress is very tight, which consequently squishes her breasts together, up, and out, making them appear fuller.

  4. 4 Venus In Blue Jeans

    She looks like she is enhancing her chest via a push up method. Her cleavage is on the small and tasteful side, and I see no boob job tell-tale signs. What I see is a weight loss that is taking its toll on her face by causing increased lines in her cheeks. Also, I do not like jet black hair on any woman, unless its natural. It is just as ageing as that horrid platinum or bright yellow blond color. You can have very dark dyed hair but that jet black really looks stark.

  5. 5 LaLa

    I agree either the top has boning like a corset or she’s using something to push her breasts up. I agree with Venus about the hair color the black and plat. blonde are harsh colors on most people

  6. 6 Joan

    Another actress who no longer looks like herself. She looks to have had something done to her face. Her eyes are squinty. Why, oh why did she mess herself up. She looked so much better than before. Don’t care for the dark hair on her. She was gorgeous as a redhead (and as a blond when she was on the Drew Carey show). Her left breast seems a bit lumpy. Maybe a boob job, or just a too tight bustier squishing her. Ladies, please wear clothes that fit. Too tight is not flattering.

  7. 7 MG

    Doesn’t look like a boob job to me.

  8. 8 anony

    She looks better on the left. Maybe her new girlfriend likes bigger looking boobs.

  9. 9 Lola Granola

    Is that even the same woman? (squints, blinks)

  10. 10 Bunnie

    I am with Lola.. are we sure that is the same woman? And if it is.. She should lost the black hair and clothes pronto. The black top makes her torso look unusually thick, while shoving her poor breasts into a painful pinch trying to fit into (yet another) too small top for the body.

    Clothes that fit, does not mean ’skin tight’. THe only people that look good in skin tight clothes are those that have no excess body fat what so ever.

    Please people.. when you decide to wear something skin tight.. go to http://www.peopleofwalmart.com first. That will be enough to give a sane person pause.

  11. 11 Q

    OTOH, looking at the photo again.. her nose looks different, like she’s had it thinned out. Doesn’t match her face too well imo

  12. 12 Brooke

    Push-up bra, all the way. But is this seriously the same woman??? If I hadn’t been told it was the same Kate Walsh (who?), I would have thought they were two different people.

  13. 13 Venus In Blue Jeans

    It’s the same woman. A drastic hair color change and style changed coupled with weight loss is what you are seeing. the nose has not been altered. She’s just older and her hair is jet black and greasy and her clothes are tasteless.

  14. 14 le

    weird lumpy cleavage..but seems like a really tight push up bra.. looks painful. And her tan is gone which IMO is better. I dont’ see a change in facial features

  15. 15 mr.ed

    I agree with the above posts. She’s table grade.

  16. 16 CK

    She looked better in the before photo.

  17. 17 Jess

    Other than changing her hair and losing the tan I don’t think she looks different at all. She’s smiling very wide in the second picture which is going change her face shape a bit, but I don’t think she’s had any work done. And those aren’t implants…her top is a corset which often pushes boobs into a strange position, especially if they’re small to begin with.

  18. 18 Sher

    She has no fullness on the lower part of the breast. I think she gathered up what she has and they were lifted in this outfit.
    I think this is one case where you are mistaken.
    She’s beautiful. I think it’s horrible when others hide behind their computer and say things about another person that is unkind and unnecessary.

  19. 19 amanda

    the top is too small and my guess is that she pulled her boobs up for more cleavage.
    she is a stunning red head, the dark hair isnt my fave but shes still cute

  20. 20 Madeline

    She changes her look a lot. The After picture was taken at last year’s VS Super Bowl Party; it is an 11 month old picture. Anyone who’s seen her since then (like September’s Emmy Awards) knows this was just a phase, it’s over, been over for a LONG time, and her tits are still the same as ever.

  21. 21 WarpedRecord

    Who’s Kate Walsh?

  22. 22 Jake

    I don’t know who she is but she looks a lot better as a redhead…she is not a brunette, but maybe that gay female Hispanic lady rubbed off on her.

  23. 23 Linny

    Looks more like she’s wearing a push up bra. Don’t like the new haircolor.

  24. 24 Karen

    She looks awful in the 2nd pic! She just doesn’t look as good as she did in the 1st one!

  25. 25 GiveMeABreak

    For those who don’t know her she is the hot red head in the Cadilac commercials. She changes her looks often but does look better as a red head. This was a weak attempt a taking a cheap shot at her. You are loosing credibility quickly. Not all plastic surgery is bad.

  26. 26 It's time, Kate!

    When, oh when is she going to come OUT OF THE CLOSET already?

  27. 27 Thor

    MEMO TO AMERICAN WOMEN (some of these comments concern Kate Walsh, whoever she is):

    1. Trout mouth is not “hot.”

    2. An emaciated female frame is not “hot.” The willpower, denial, neuroses, and obsessions that compel a woman to become emaciated, and maintain her emaciated frame, are not “sexy.” If you are emaciated, I am confident you are an annoying high-maintenance head case who has bought into some gay male fashion designer’s fantasies concerning young men. You would not be a fun date.

    3. An emaciated female frame with a 42DD fake rack is not “sexy.” Such a female has bought into a gay male fashion designer’s fantasies concerning young men and combined it with what she believes is a heterosexual male’s porn star fantasy. This female looks ridiculous and asymmetrical. She is not “hot.” I am confident she is also an annoying head case.

    4. Intelligence is sexy. A sense of humor is sexy. Flirtation is sexy. Physical attractiveness, natural curves, and comfort with yourself are sexy.

    Please stop buying into the American death culture’s vision concerning what’s allegedly “hot.”


    A generally appalled American male

  28. 28 'Mela

    Her dress in pic #2 looks to be constricting breathing, as well as pushing her up and out!
    I loved her red hair. It was so elegant. Bring it back, go up a size, and we’re good here…

  29. 29 Sarah

    This woman has not had implants. She’s using Hollywood’s tricks to make her cleavage look bigger. The least you could do is compare two picture where she is wearing similar outfits. The second outfit it obviously more constricting and, therefore, providing her with cleavage.

  30. 30 ja

    It doesn’t look like a boob job to me. Looks like those chicken cutlet bras that are squishing her boobs up.

  31. 31 somuchstupidity

    thanks thor. it’s nice to see that there are some americans with good taste too!!

  32. 32 lizzy

    Ditto Sarah – tops like that first one are complete boob-killlers and squishing them up gives her a cleavage.

  33. 33 DeeplySuperficial

    Thor, an emaciated frame would not ever have a 42DD breast because the number has nothing to do with cupsize, but the measurement of the chest under the tittays.

    So it would be more relatable to say maybe 32DDD. Which also, yes, is not hot.

    C’mon. Kate Walsh isn’t in her 20s. Give her titties some friggin’ slack. They’re gonna be kinda lumpy and weird looking in something too tight over that area. It’s part of what sagging skin does. Take a look at those pictures of Jewel and her smashed boobies.


  34. 34 melony

    Same tits, different woman?