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Do you think all celebrities have full, thick, heads of hair? Think again. Check out Julie Benz’s hair extensions.

Carrie Fisher looks like she had a facelift. But she forgot something important – the neck and the jowls! You should get those done if you get a facelift, because if you don’t, you’ll look like you ‘had a facelift’.

Finnair offers free plastic surgery

A Finland airline company is offering plastic surgery incentives to frequent flyers. Breast implants, hair replacement surgery or a face-lift are available via the company’s customer incentive program. Customers wishing to use air miles for enhancement surgery must first book a 95-euro consultation at the hospital before using loyalty points for the voucher.
Finnair [...]

80s singer Pete Burns
won his medical malpractice lawsuit against the doctor who injected his lips with collagen. It seems he spent the winnings on cheek implants. Not a good idea at all.

Megan Fox in 20 years

I think Megan Fox will morph into Michaela Rominini in 20 years time if she keeps getting various plastic surgeries (lip collagen, rhinoplasty, etc).
Adriana Lima hopefully will avoid the plastic surgery victim fate.

The lovely Amanda Lepore is in the house! Her lips are now larger than ever! Work it, girl!
I genuinely believe she has lip implants AND get lip collagen injections. Crazy, huh?

Male or female? If you guessed ‘male’ you are right, but this is great example of overdone, excessive plastic surgery on a man – aggressive eye plastic surgery, very shaved down nostrils along with other rhinoplastic procedures, chiclet teeth, etc..

This is Mexican actress Lyn May. Her face looks melted from various plastic surgeries (a reader told me via email that May had injected her face with baby oil as well). In her native Mexico, she has a skincare line. To me, she looks like Jocelyn Wildenstein’s dopplegonger!

Honestly, does she think these bolted on fruits pass as real? Nicole Kidman was out and about earlier this week showing off a much larger set of breasts. I don’t think a woman as vain as Nicole is breastfeeding so that excuse is out.
These new larger implants of hers don’t look real. Their profile [...]

Winona Judd showed up looking rather burly at the CMA Awards the other night. She and drag legend Chi Chi La Rue must’ve been separated at birth!