Shauna Sand’s trout pout

As usual, Shauna Sand is looking blank and empty eyed. Not even the release of her sex tape can lift her spirits or deflate her lips.

Shauna Sand

Shauna Sand

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51 Responses to “Shauna Sand’s trout pout”  

  1. 1 Rosie

    This one really looks like a blow-up doll :)

  2. 2 sasha

    oh enough already, most women would kill to look that good. She looks depressed and she is definitely wearing colored lenses. Other than that, you guys are really reaching for material these days.

  3. 3 mr.ed

    The look’s exaggerated by outlining the lips with extra lipstick. For the ultimate in cheapness, this should be circled with an extra black line. Yummy!

  4. 4 jen

    she must have such low self-esteem to do that to herself

  5. 5 62831

    You don’t have to use the entire tube of lipstick in one go, sweetie.

  6. 6 Viktorija

    She is just so, so ugly and plastic Who on earth needs this much negative attention?

  7. 7 gurlina

    Ok, I have a question for you all – she’s just been flashphotoed right in the face — shouldn’t her pupils be smaller? Is she wearing contacts?

  8. 8 Frau Blucher

    well, the blank and empty eyed stare is the result of not having a single thought going through her empty mind. The horrors of her face are bad plastic surgery and halucious makeup!

  9. 9 Pam

    Dark eyebrows with blonde hair just looks dirty. Your eyebrows should be a shade lighter than your hair color.

    I wonder if this woman owns a mirror???????

  10. 10 MissJanet

    This woman looks and acts ridiculous. I don’t know if she is on drugs or naturally stupid but I doubt that she has one single thought in her head all day long. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have done that to herself and wouldn’t star in a porno with her boyfriend and pretend it was a private tape that leaked. After only a short thinking phase she would remember her 3 daughters and realizewhat kind of roll model she is for them.

  11. 11 Miez

    it’s a shame what she’s done to herself. i’ve seen photos from her before the whole surgery and once she was really really beautiful in my opinion:

  12. 12 darlingdybbuk

    she looks like a realdoll (ie…*shudder*) the newest “improvement” on the blowup doll.

  13. 13 bondbabe

    girl doesn’t know how to color within the lines

  14. 14 Barbara

    What a dip.

  15. 15 Nuria

    The way she is outlining her lips make them look even bigger.

  16. 16 MG

    She looks like a Barbie doll. She would look a lot more natural with toned down makeup. Even though she is plastic looking, she is not that freakish. I do feel badly for her children and agree with MssJanet. Not a good role model.

  17. 17 whatevs


  18. 18 Hottie

    She is not a true blonde, that’s for sure

  19. 19 'Mela

    She’s a very pretty girl, in my opinion.
    A few make up tips, perhaps, but she has the basics…

  20. 20 Hamster

    She’s not a Barbie doll. She’s a living Bratz doll!

  21. 21 poon

    I would love to see her without all that paint on her face!

  22. 22 Amy

    I dont’ know her,why is she famous?
    She looks like a doll.

  23. 23 Gwen

    What’s up with the Sharpie lip liner – and not anywhere near the lipline?

  24. 24 lisa rossi

    show more boob

  25. 25 Mike

    She’s clearly on cocaine or anti-depressants because her pupils are dialated when there’s a photo flash. Sad.

  26. 26 suzanne


  27. 27 Alexis

    If she hadn’t drawn a line all the way around the OUTSIDE of her lips, she would have looked more natural. The shape of her lips doesn’t seem distorted. The cupid’s bow is still there. I think she may actually have large lips. But God that is awful make-up!

  28. 28 Boof

    She is not an ugly girl, she just does her hair and makeup in a way that does not flatter.

  29. 29 eh?

    shes definitely on something. her pupils are waaaay too biig

  30. 30 Taralynne

    Looks like a bad nose job too

  31. 31 gezana

    gurlina – I’m assuming that’s because she was high as a kite when this picture was taken, which I doubt is something unusual for her.

  32. 32 roy

    Pardon me, but I think she’s quite hot. – All right, I wouldn’t marry her, but she’s quite a woman – and barbie.

  33. 33 roy

    besides, I don’t find plastic surgery that daunting. only I wouldn’t do those things to myself. but if my girl weren’t so perfect, I would have encouraged her to undertake the same process

    botox is good
    implant is good
    rhinoplasty is good
    blonde is good
    maybe others are unnecessary?

  34. 34 animalover

    Change the make up and get some spark and enthusiasm in her life and she would look fine.

  35. 35 Lord Xendria

    Eyebrows are supposed to be a shade darker, not lighter. And much darker eyebrows with blonde hair look fine, if done right. She looks very messy and gross, though. The dark lip liner with the light lipstick trend I’ll never understand.

  36. 36 actright

    When are women going to to learn that big lips are not for everyone and even more scary on a face that screams I wasn’t born with these lips……lol Not attractive at all.

  37. 37 Monique

    Scary! Would have been the perfect Halloween costume.

  38. 38 Lady

    Bronze eyeshadow, thick black eyeliner & frosted lipstick ? Is it 1983? I don’t understand why men find this attractive. She looks stoned out of her mind. My heart goes out to her 3 kids. At least their Dad seems ok. Then again, he was foolish enough to marry her……………..

  39. 39 murr

    is she dead? i would like to check her pulse but i don’t want to touch her.

  40. 40 Denny

    She is not sexy in her great sex video. Her breasts look so phony and doesn’t even move with a naturalness in that sleezy footage. A selfish, aging poorly, phony. Still, there are male idiots who would find her “sexy.” Maybe under low light level. I have met her. Trust me, she is as hollow as a dead tree still standing. You can’t fool the digital photography and no plastic surgeon is going to overcome this patient’s lack of style. Certainly no competition for Sophia Loren. A plastic doll looks more real.

  41. 41 Lina

    is this even real??she looks like a doll..i dont think ive ever seen anyone more expressionless..i mean she looks like there could be a horse humping a woman right in front of her and she wouldnt blink an eye.

  42. 42 Darian Zam

    The best thing ever was when her daughter told her off in that TMZ clip. At least they’ve l;earned something (right) from their mother’s behaviour. She truly makes me feel ill.

  43. 43 beanie

    I thought that was Alexis Arquette until I read the name..lOL!

  44. 44 le

    sasha: are you a woman? Because few women want to look like that.. you must be a man who do not really talk to women or you are a woman with a very different, non-mainstream view of beauty.

  45. 45 Bambi

    Because she always has too much make-up on and it always looks the same, I’ve wondered if she’s had eyeliner and lipliner tattooed onto her face. She seems stupid enough to think that this would have been a good idea, and it would be on par with other bad decisions she’s made, like the fake-looking breast implants, the unnecessary nose job and the damaged, too- blonde hair.

  46. 46 J0hn

    She looks like a little sillier version of Paris Hilton.

  47. 47 Canaduck

    “Comment by sasha — November 12, 2009 at 12:01 am

    oh enough already, most women would kill to look that good.”

    On what planet???

  48. 48 Sketty

    Don’t be silly. That’s not actually a real person.

  49. 49 kellygrl

    she looks like a freaking alien! gross. she’s high. look at her pupils. why do people get bad plastic surgery like those lips? she looks like a fish or something… and no nose…. disgusting. not soft and feminine and pretty at all.

  50. 50 BJ

    The colour scheme of her make up is what makes this picture gross. She’s got the top half of her face in brown earthy tones and the lower half pink warm tones and the near black eyebrows against bleach bath blonde hair has never looked good on anyone.

  51. 51 BJ

    She would benefit greatly with a couple of make up lessons and she does her own make up because Ive seen videos of her doing it!