Angelina Jolie as a kid

Here’s a photo of Angelina Jolie when she was little. She always had pouty lips.

Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie

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51 Responses to “Angelina Jolie as a kid”  

  1. 1 Mo

    Look how big her nose is. She is so beautiflul now she must of had ton’s of plastic surgery.

  2. 2 lisa rossi

    she looks like the kid who played Michael Myers in Rob Zombies first Halloween movie

  3. 3 Marusya

    Lucky. Lucky .Lucky! *nervous tick*

    Well, the odds could be that 1 out of 5,5bln people on the Earth was as beautiful. She’s very lucky.

  4. 4 Pam

    What a beautiful child.

  5. 5 v

    She always had the pouty lips, but her nose has definitely changed!

  6. 6 methfreeq

    A lot of fuss about nothing, when she was young she was beautiful but now she looks scary

  7. 7 ....

    am i the only one who thinks she was a scary looking child. beautiful now, but ugly until she grew into herself in her 20’s.

  8. 8 Veronica

    Those are the same lips she’s always had, but that is NOT the same nose she’s sporting these days! It gets thinner & thinner all the time.

  9. 9 Barbara

    She looks very sad to me. I think she is beautiful now and as an adult but many don’t. Beauty is only skin deep. I hope she is happy and I do wish he and Brad would marry. I still believe in it and don’t consider it a oeice of paper. Marriage is one of the most beautiful gifts, God gave us.

  10. 10 Barbara

    There show be a preview or delete. I meant to say SHE** and Brad and PIECE*** of paper.

  11. 11 Anais

    Angelina Jolie did not “grow into herself.” It is obvious from looking at her pictures over the years that since this photo was taken has had work done on her cheekbones and chin to make them more prominent and on her nose to make it more refined. If she had any work done on her lips, it was to reduce them, not plump them up. Either way, her lips look natural then and now.

  12. 12 Rose

    Her lips may be natural but she definitely got her nose shaved down.

  13. 13 Angie doubter

    People seem generally happy to acknowledge that Angelina Jolie is an arch-manipulator of the media, yet at the same time buy into the myth of her ‘natural’ beauty? I don’t get it. OK so she built herself out of a decent original model (ie she’s always been pretty good looking), but for the last few years she’s been the product of a million small tweaks and modifications to make her the frozen shop mannequin she is today. I can’t take her seriously at any level, and yet she appears to have her own cult. Completely mystifying.
    Love this site, by the way.

  14. 14 sl

    she’s had her upper lid made bigger, her nose reduced and cheekbone implants put in. may have also had her lower lip reduced.

  15. 15 MG

    She definitely had a lot of face work done. I think you need it these days to get a SAG card.

  16. 16 Laurie

    what the hell happened to Kat Von D…..her beautiful face looks huge

  17. 17 Brooke

    I think she looks like jail bait… I can’t believe people would be jealous of those lips. I have big pouty lips, but these lips are like lips she snatched from a fish or something. I bet she got made fun of a lot until she hit her teens.

    She really looks different now. Something about her eyes seems different, too. She’s probably had a LOT more work done than most people realize.

  18. 18 Tom

    She looks most natural in the movie “The Bone Collector” in 1999. Since then, she look glammed up. Her face has changed although her lips looks about right, perhaps the only thing natural about her.

  19. 19 fds

    @ Rose

    I was just going to say that! She definitely had nose work and this picture proves it. It even looked smaller when she started modeling when she was 16/17. Started early, I guess!

  20. 20 Nikki

    I agrre with all the above comments about her having had a *lot* of work done. It has been done well and the fact is she was naturally very striking and attractive to begin with (there is an old saying about not being able to make a silk purse from a sow’s ear!). What the surgeons have done is to refine her looks but I’m not sure therefore that she could be considered a ‘natural’ beauty.

  21. 21 jane

    Her nose definelty looks different now.

  22. 22 ND

    I don’t know what age “little” means – BUT she has a horizontal line on her neck in the picture. I have a long neck and have horizontal lines on my neck – but didn’t get them until my LATE TWENTIES.

  23. 23 Miss

    I’ve always known her lips are real, they look real why wouldn’t they be? she may have gotten a nose job but that’s it. she looked awkward as a kid, not that pretty. her skin tone looks so olive here.

  24. 24 Kelly

    she scares me

  25. 25 Hellucinator

    She had that pretty face except for thinner eyebrows in the 1995 movie ‘Hackers’. This is her best look.

  26. 26 Gaby

    she is beautiful! but her lips are weird for a girl her age.

  27. 27 Elaine

    She didn’t have anything done to her lips. She’s had the rest of her face overhauled, though. And it’s not the loss of “puppy fat.” She’s had her brow lifted, her chin fixed, and two nosejobs. She would have aged beautifully. Now she’s 34 and looks like she’s 60.

  28. 28 le

    She did have a nose job.. that one is obvious.

  29. 29 MK

    I read in a magazine article interviewing a plastic surgeon that he thinks she probably did have lip work done, but a reduction of her bottom lip to be more in proportion with her top lip.

  30. 30 Kirstin

    Some people just really are naturally beautiful, the ideal that everyone else tries to reach with all their plastic surgery. I agree Angelina has probably had a nose job, but otherwise, if you look at photos of her as a young woman, as well as her mom at her age, I think shes just pretty much genetically blessed!
    The only complaint I have is that, between babies, she gets so thin! It ages her prematurely. When she is at a healthy weight, she looks gorgeous!

  31. 31 Candy

    She has had alot of work done over the years. She knows it, we know it & she knows we know it.

  32. 32 Dani

    How can anyone call this woman unattractive?! Are you blind? Has she had work done? Probably, but she is in my opinion the most beautiful woman in the world.

  33. 33 jdfjf

    I don’t know about you guys but her lips look terrible. Just because it’s Angelina you’re all saying they’re amazing. But you know you’d make fun of those fat lips.. Yikes.

  34. 34 Kris

    So her lips are natural, but she has had plenty of other work done. Still prettier than most…too bad she can’t have surgery to correct her morals.

  35. 35 aMBER

    Duh, just look at her kids lips, exactly the same!

  36. 36 Monique

    I think she looks like Christopher Walken. Here’s an up close untouched pic by the famous photographer Martin Schoeller.

  37. 37 sailor

    Although she does have beautiful lips, they did look a bit big for her face when she was younger. She’s grown into them now and it fits her face. She was a cute kid though, now she’s beautiful.

  38. 38 whatever

    if u look at old/new pics looks as if her botom lip was reduced to be more in sync with the top and shes had a nose job and boobs, no one that thin has big ol tatas- alien face with giant forhead

  39. 39 Josh

    BEAUTIFUL!!!??? I see better looking women at the grocery store..

  40. 40 KJ

    Isn’t it nice that railroads go both ways? Personally, I think that Angie is beautiful no matter what she’s had done. I agree, she gets too thin between pregnancies, but that’s just my opinion. If you don’t think she’s beautiful, that’s OK, too. That’s why there are so many different people out there, so we all can find someone we find amazing.

  41. 41 G

    Of course her lips are real, she even appeared in a movie with her dad as a little girl and her lips were very pouty. The Nose is fake though.

  42. 42 IKnowItAll

    Fug then, fug now.

  43. 43 Buttercup

    She definitely had a minor nose job. But she looked beautiful back then.

  44. 44 TM

    Whatever she has done to herself, at least it looks good and “natural”, i.e. not easily spotted without before/after pictures. Can’t say the same about most of the Hollywood crowd with their botched faces, breasts and tummies.

  45. 45 Gabriela

    May be than she used to stole her girlfriends` boyfriends

  46. 46 Nydia

    NOSE JOB!!!!!

  47. 47 FrenchGirl

    I think she was a very pretty little girl. Someone above posted that they think she has had her bottom lip reduced but, I too have very full lips and they tend to lose a bit of that fullness as one ages. I believe her lips to be natural, but I can’t say I feel that way about much of the rest of her.

  48. 48 kellygrl

    nose job, cheek implants, and brow lift. for sure. she has the lips. but the other stuff, i don’t see here. she has more cat-like eyes now, higher cheekbones, and most definitely a slim-lined nose.

  49. 49 Michael

    I don’t think she’s had a nose job. Everyone’s nose looks big at puberty… the cartilage in your nose starts to grow before the bone in your face catches up. that’s part of why it’s such an awkward age.

  50. 50 GetRead

    She looked beautiful then and now. She has her father’s lips – he was known for that huge pout. She didn’t really need any plastic surgery, on her nose or anywhere.

  51. 51 GetRead

    Miss, her skin tone is naturally olive because she is part Native American, from her mother’s side.