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Brittny Gastineau
had a brief taste of fame during the run of her reality series, ‘The Gastineau Girls‘, a few years ago. The last season saw her move to Los Angeles to make it in Hollywood. Very little has been heard of her since, but she is still seen on Hollywood red carpets here and [...]

The women on the reality series ‘Real Housewives of Orange County
‘ will be showing off new plastic surgery when the shows premieres in November.
Tamra Barney has had an eye lift along with some refurbishments to her already large chest. (She’ll need it for her new career in stripping or porn, because she and unemployed husband [...]

Lilo Flatlines in Europe

Lindsay Lohan looked totally exhausted during her trip to Europe and the heavily injected lips did not help.

Leslie Ash, a famous British TV star, now more famous for her awful inflated lips and cheek implants has upped the ante and gotten more plastic surgery. Oh, the horror. But apparently it has gotten her another job on British TV.
Check it!

Shauna Sand in the news all star Shauna Sand has opted for some personal refurbishments in preparation for the release of her celebrity sex tape. She had her stretched out nipple fixed. Go Shauna. See it for yourself!

Orit Fux is Israel’s Pamela Anderson. I can find very little info on exactly what she does for a living besides pose for trashy ‘glamour’ photos and get plastic surgery. She was probably very pretty before she told her doctor to give her the ‘Wildenstein’ makeover.
PS Orit, the black eyeliner is hideous.

I stopped watching MTV reality shows several years ago when they turned into nude softcore porn shows, but unfortunately the network is still churning them out and in the most recent Real World Road Rules Challenge, a trashy looking bottle blonde is reduced to tears after bursting one of her breast implants after belly flopping [...]

Jocelyn Wildenstein is a big favorite on this site. Since we first mentioned her in 2003, she has had even more plastic surgery. Last week, she was flaunting her hard breast implants. They don’t look remotely real, but as long as she gets attention, its all good, right?

Lindsay Lohan took her trout pout to Paris and arrived looking haggard with the usual retinue of enablers.
If she goes back to her natural hair color, lays off the death mask makeup, and mood enhancers, she has a good chance of appearing her real age.

A Monet Ruined

Monet Mazur is one of those Hollywood starlets who has been floating around for years. She started off as a model, comes from one of those family’s with Hollywood connections, and has had small parts in some major films (Blow, Mod Squad, Monster-In-Law). She’s not so young anymore and has started what I call ‘The [...]