Sam Trammell Joins The Breasts For Men Club

Sam Trammell joins an important Hollywood club that includes Jesse Metcalfe and Simon Cowell – The Hollywood Breasts for Men Club. Sam was shirtless this season on True Blood and bared what suspiciously looked like pec implants. Ugh.. Another one bites the dust.

Sam Trammel and moobs - man + boobs

Sam Trammel and moobs - man + boobs

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October 24, 2009 · The Staff · 42 Comments
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42 Responses

  1. Marusya - October 24, 2009


  2. lhannel - October 24, 2009

    Why do they do that ??? For one woman who likes big muscles, there are a hundred others who like soft thin guys.

  3. Dy - October 24, 2009

    They have those?? Simon Cowell has them? What?? That’s just… disgusting. Without the washboard six pack that always comes with those, it just looks like small, flattish boobs. Ugh! People are so stupid.

  4. methfreeq - October 24, 2009

    Go lift some weights why don`t you, you stupid basterd

  5. SamLover - October 24, 2009

    I dream of his moobs pressed up against my boobs. He is sublime, implants or otherwise.

  6. Bink - October 24, 2009

    Nice set!

  7. chrissy - October 24, 2009

    that is insanely disturbing…and completely nasty to boot

  8. Lola Granola - October 24, 2009

    Oops, wrong shot. Was estrogen, shoulda been testosterone…

  9. mamallama - October 24, 2009


  10. le - October 24, 2009

    …how can you tell??

  11. MG - October 24, 2009

    I never thought man boobs was an intentional thing. Are you sure about this?

  12. Brooke - October 25, 2009

    My boyfriend can’t seem to get pecs no matter how hard he tries, but as long as he never resorts to PEC IMPLANTS I don’t really care what his chest looks like. Women look like ass with plastic surgery, but men look like pussies when they get it.

  13. IB - October 25, 2009

    I think this guy just has “breasts” like many a male has. It usually is embarassing to them but short of liposuction there is nothing they can do to get rid of them.

  14. Gaby - October 25, 2009

    Bloody hell!! boobs job for men=fag

  15. Crystal Bones - October 25, 2009

    This man is handsome with or without pecs. He should not play with plastic surgery.
    As far as I am concerned men’s chests are not the first thing I look at; I look at his character first,
    how handsome his face is, his height, etc. But the muscles are whatever they like. Character
    and personality count more than muscles.

    Crystal Bones

  16. gds92115 - October 25, 2009

    i guess i am missing something. i dont think he looks that terrible, or unnatural. how can you tell they are pec implants?

  17. Frau Blucher - October 25, 2009

    gross me out the door!!!

  18. 62831 - October 25, 2009

    He looks ready to start lactating.

  19. The Cablelayer - October 25, 2009

    He would probably be very popular in prison.

  20. Kelly - October 27, 2009

    awww that’s what I looked like when I turned about 13 and looked in the mirror to see womanly buds!! I was so excited!! I wonder if he is excited too, about his womanly buds????

  21. Alexis - October 28, 2009

    They look like mine did when I was 15, except for the hair. But I’m supposed to have breasts shaped like that, I’m female.

  22. Dawn - October 28, 2009

    Oh bull. Those are not inplants. That’s just his chest. You folks are so used to looking at fake people you aren’t used to variations in the human body. Get over yourselves. He’s just a guy with a chest. So what?

  23. Frank - November 5, 2009

    Uh…he looks just fine to me. I work at a gym, and have seen plenty more moobish moobs in the locker room than I care to count (although if I did count, I’d estimate about 154, or 77 pairs).

  24. Pickle Juice - November 9, 2009

    Wow! I have thought Simon Cowell might have don’t somethiing to his chest for quite some time. His boobs seem very prominent for an otherwise soft looking fella.

  25. Ray - November 22, 2009

    Yeah its hard to tell, he could just have some extra flab on the bottom of his chest. Probably more likely with age, as hormone levels change. They are kinda rounded at the bottom, but i wouldnt be sure the6y are implants unless unless you have a fairly recent before pic.

  26. Elizabethany - November 28, 2009

    Ray is right. He just has a bit of chub on him. I don’t think those are implants at all. If you’ve seen True Blood, you know that he’s just gained a bit of extra weight.

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