Jessica Lange

Jessica Lange

This is Jessica Lange at the Emmys on Sunday. She’s already been covered on this site, but she’s definitely looked like she’d been tightened up recently maybe with botox. I really do not like the canthopexy surgery sweeping Hollywood, because it changes the eye position too much.

Jessica Lange Emmys

Jessica Lange Emmys

Jessica Lange Emmys

Jessica Lange Emmys

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39 Responses to “Jessica Lange at the Emmys – too much plastic surgery”  

  1. 1 Josh

    She looks like an OLD MAN drag..

  2. 2 Stella

    She looks like my cat!

  3. 3 suzanne

    I don’t like it, either Gosh, people, look at all the sun damage too. Stay out of the sun!.Or wear sleeves when you get this old, for pete’s sake.
    I have to give her credit though-looks like she left her nose alone throughout all these surgeries.

  4. 4 EquiPro

    She’s way too thin for her age and that, in and of itself, is aging her. Women who are on the heavier side after 55 or so look MUCH younger. But also, this is what real wrinkles look like. She would be fine if she weighed more AND if she hadn’t screwed her face up in the first place.

  5. 5 Suzy

    Good grief….if ever there was a poster child for sunscreen and anti-smoking, Jessica Lange is it. It’s as though she’s completely destroyed all the collagen in her skin. Damn.

  6. 6 Linnythepooh

    My goodness, she was always so pretty! She just has the weirdest expression on her face.

  7. 7 sundown

    She was so pretty. I wish she’d kept her original face since she doesn’t look younger, just weirder.

  8. 8 Smellyann

    OMG, that’s one woman who has not aged well at ALL!

  9. 9 gurlina

    She looks like she recently lost weight, maybe she crash dieted for the emmys? I think she’d have been better served by just having a full facelift and get everything–neck, eyes, jaw, etc.–done at once, rather tweaking here and there. I think that why she looks so odd

  10. 10 Mike

    Sun damage and not surgery is what’s really hurting her

  11. 11 KLG

    Yeah, too skinny. Proof of the adage, “A*s or face after forty.”

  12. 12 casey

    for a person her age, i think she looks just fine. pretty, in fact.

  13. 13 darvulia

    Oh man, ten years ago or so she was really aging gracefully. She really should stop the dieting and the surgery.

  14. 14 darvulia

    Plus, at a certain age one must lay off the sleevless dresses and the low necklines. Nora Ephron is right. Enjoy your neck and decolette for as long as you can while you are young and when it starts to go, just cover up. Nothing wrong with a well dressed older woman who won´t show her sagging skin.

  15. 15 Lord Xendria

    Will never understand why she felt the need to do anything to her forehead. She has wrinkles everywhere else, so why would she feel the need to do her forehead? Looks way out of place on an otherwise beautiful older woman.

  16. 16 dom

    I know people age, but it loks like Jessica aged in dog years. She doesn’t look a day younger than 80. Her skin is sagging she has no tone. So sad.

  17. 17 stephen

    she had her first visible facelift about 14 years ago and it altered her face completely. Since then, further lifts have only accentuated the damage and changed whatever was left of the original Jessica Lange forever. Let this be a cautionary tale for everyone.

  18. 18 mamallama

    She must have baked herself in the sun for years and years–she’s got that mottled/freckly look on her chest and upper arms. And yeah, she should be wearing something with sleeves. It’s not like you can’t find attractive clothing that also covers up your flaws. Just once I would like to see an actress wearing clothing that’s both great-looking and appropriate for her age, and not trying to look like she’s still 21.

    But then, Jessica has been immersed in that Hollywood youth culture for several decades. It’s so pervasive she probably does think she has to look 21 forever.

  19. 19 terry

    ewww to much. Comment by dom – Your right she looks 80 funny comment.

  20. 20 kate

    What happened its sad

  21. 21 Marieke

    I really like her, she is a great actress and used to be very beautiful. Apart from the face lift, what happened to her nose? Does Botox change your nose? It looks bumpy and isn’t straight anymore.

  22. 22 CATHAZAT

    Another issue: she’s a chain-smoker. Worst thing ever for the skin, among other things. Jennifer Aniston and all who smoke to stay thin should take heed…

  23. 23 Nuria

    Call me crazy, but, isn’t plastic surgery supposed to make you look better?

  24. 24 Bambi

    It looks like damage caused by the sun and smoking is the main culprit here, with plastic surgery adding to the problem by causing the eyes to look like they’re permanently squinting. She has a nice bone structure– if she’d taken better care of her skin and had less aggressive plastic surgery she’d probably have ended up looking very good at age sixty. Instead she looks a good ten or fifteen years older.

  25. 25 HexenBexen

    BAT BROW!!!

  26. 26 Karen

    She lost all her looks! What a waste!

  27. 27 Barbara



  28. 28 Kelly

    her face looks like it is all pinched in from the middle. it looks so odd. I cannot believe this is the same girl from Tootsie.

  29. 29 Izzy

    all you a$$holes on here, the woman is over 60!! She has wrinkles everywhere like she is supposed to!!!
    She is supposed to fatten up to keep wrinkles down??? Her face looks pinched because her wrinkles crinkle?? What the hell is wrong with that???
    And comments like “What a waste!” to lost looks? Freakin A people! Humans age! Her Tootsie days were 30 years ago!!!!!

  30. 30 Louise Glass

    I agree with everyone. She was very pretty and now looks like a wrinkled prune. Her arms are wrinkled like a woman in her seventies or eighties! I have seen photos of her in the newspaprer on and off and she really does look this bad! Her eyebrows arch so high and make her wrinkled face look even stranger. I recently watched her in Losing Isaiah and that was around 12-13 years ago-she looked attractive and pretty then. Halle Berry looks the same! Bad surgery, smoking, sun, too much dieting, and possibly family genetics (maybe her family wrinkles easily or has thin skin)… is sad to me because of her talent and how she used to look.

  31. 31 Teddi

    I just don’t get it. Everyone makes fun of people for getting plastic surgery to look young, then if someone looks old you make fun of that too? How is a woman supposed to win these days? She looks just fine for her age and can you imagine the pressure in Hollywood to look young? All I read is “that’s sad” …why is aging sad???

  32. 32 Anais

    I know many women who are about 60 and do not look like this. Why not? They have not chain-smoked their entire lives and have not had plastic surgery! Smoking really damages the capillaries, which are close to the skin. Plastic surgery starts altering the ability of the face to express itself naturally. I feel so bad for Jessica Lange, a gracious woman who gave a beautiful speech thanking Drew Barrymore when she received her Emmy for “Grey Gardens,” in which both women gave wonderful performances. I think if she gained a little weight, it might solve the problem of some of the wrinkles. Remember the photos of smoker Julia Ormond on this site? She too had more wrinkles than her age would warrant. I am so glad I stopped smoking years ago. Young readers, let this be a lesson to you: if you smoke and want to have nice skin as an older woman, QUIT!

  33. 33 snickers

    Horrible. She was so pretty. Subscribed to the MJ school of plastic surgery – and lost. Big time. What a shame.

  34. 34 i call em as i see 'em

    Yikes! How old IS she? In the first ‘after’ pic, I have to say that she looks a bit like Patrick Swayze circa two years ago.
    (And bless Patrick, may he rest in peace)

  35. 35 Lai-Lai

    The dead have risen! Hide the brains!

  36. 36 Joy

    She does not look terrible. She is 60 years old, and most 60 year old people have wrinkles, etc. I would love to see all of you when you are her age. And, I don’t think her “looks” are due to plastic surgery, I believe it’s just normal aging. We all age differently depending on our genes, not matter what we do. Get a life!!

  37. 37 Raj

    This is not normal aging. she looks worse than somebody who is well over 80. Smoking sucks the life out of your face and your skin. Take heed Cameron Diaz (chain smoker) and all the rest. Pierce Brosnan and Mel Gibson are both heavy smokers and both have that gray, ashen appearance..even with a tan. It’s too late for poor Jessica. Getting older happens to all of us, but she is a lesson in how not to behave in your youth. You can get away with the sun and cigs until your about 30, but after that you need to adjust your habits.

  38. 38 Sammi

    uhhhhhhhh she looks like this is from the sun and aging , probably smoking god knows what else but not PS she NEEDS Plastic Surgery truly!! Man that skin needs to be pulled back, just gross!

  39. 39 Judy

    Still beautiful!Open your eyes! This is a real woman and a real actress! The rest is nonsense.