Blake’s Fakes

For the record, I think Blake Lively’s breasts are fake. Many believe she got them ‘done’ after the first season of Gossip Girl and I agree. If her breasts were real, they’d sag more in a dress like this. The perkiness gives them away.

Blake Lively

Blake Lively

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37 Responses to “Blake’s Fakes”  

  1. 1 cara

    i’m so sick of her. she’s pretends they are real. the worst thing is those teens and tweens idolize her. i’m not against boob jobs, but don’t deny it if you got one. i think it’s really sad that people have a lot of stuff done, yet still considered to be beautiful. this chick had her nose done too and everyone in the biz knows it, but she’s like “what are u talking about? my nose is real.” the funniest part is megan fox’s fake boobs look 20 times more real than hers. unfortunately, tween boys will be growing up with really “perky” expectations. sign…..i’ve seen girls have c cups still would opt for surgeries simply because their boobs weren’t “fake looking” enough.

  2. 2 cara


  3. 3 Sandor

    it is sad that this is the ideal now in hollywood
    girls so young all looking the same
    same nose same plastic boobs same hair
    and by the time they are twenty five botox etc
    what happened to individual beauty instead of carbon copies of every other gal out there
    she is pretty standard!

  4. 4 lhannel

    They look real to me. I have the same pair and they are real. No rib valley in between. No circular limit on top. I don’t see what makes you say they aren’t real.

  5. 5 Ani

    It’s not rocket science to sew bra cups into a dress like this and most people do that. I am a bust gal and I have a similar dress with good bra cups sewn in, and they make me look perky. Sorry, but I credit this more to good wardrobe people who know what they’re doing.

  6. 6 Brooke

    The only reason I think these are fake is because there isn’t a line under her boob, just a faint shadow. I have D cups, naturally, and they haven’t started to sag yet (still young at 25, right?), but if I wore a dress like that they wouldn’t just float off my chest like they do in this picture. Though admittedly, I’ve never tried a dress like this with bra cups sewn in as Ani mentions.

    Well, I also think they’re fake because who in Hollywood has their natural breasts these days? Even when you think they are natural you find out they’re fake.

  7. 7 Kathleen

    You can’t wear bra cups in a dress like that! I’m sure they are taped somehow (lots of body tape going on in H’wood), but her boobs are simply too round and perky to be real. And yes, some people are that lucky and just naturally have breasts like that, but they are very few and far between and my guess is that if you are an actress, you probably had a little help.

  8. 8 Ani

    The way the puckers are under the dress lead me to believe the cup theory. I’m a natural DD, and my dress like that does the same thing and makes me look like I have fakes. Plus, the way the dress goes so far under her arms gives the cups more support. The cups are usually sewn between the outer fabric and lining. I’ve sewn in many a bra cup in my time, and I can get a dress to where an A-cup looks like a D cup, or can make even the floppiest look pert and perky…the fun of being a wedding tailor!

  9. 9 Kathleen

    But her breasts always look like this…no matter what she wears. Not that it’s something to pride myself on, but I just know way too many plastic surgeons and I can spot a pair of fakes anywhere. Hers are fake. It’s a really good job. Trust me.

  10. 10 AC

    Even if they are fake (and I tend to think they’re real) they certainly don’t qualify as awful plastic surgery! If the only thing ‘wrong’ with them is that they’re too perky, that’s a pretty good job!

  11. 11 Teegan

    They look real to me, too. She’s a young woman, why isn’t it possible for her to have beautiful breasts, of which these are a fine example?! I think if they’re NOT real, it was a damn good boob job. Personally, if my boobs sagged, I wouldn’t be wearin’ a dress like this .. and I find it embarrassing that many celebrities decide against good fashion sense and reveal their aging sag. There are so many other classy and classic designs that would hide that natural flaw and still make the wearer look fabulous. But, if ya got it, flaunt it!

  12. 12 bb

    There are devices/methods to get this look…I understand models commonly use electrical tape to get their bust to look a certain way. I am not convinced she has had implants.

  13. 13 sundown

    she’s young and young breasts ARE perky. They’re real.

  14. 14 Kathleen

    I agree with AC. She should be on, not awful!

  15. 15 Kelley

    Underarm tape … they are real. You think everyone’s tits are fake. If they were fake they’d be rounder … you ought to know as you host this site. Shame on you.

  16. 16 Sarah

    they look real to me. You act like just because a girl’s boobs a pirky then that automatically means they’re fake. some people are lucky. plus, there are all sorts of tricks for deep v-neck dresses to help keep breasts pirky. for instance, you take a piece of tape attached at the underside of the breast and pull it up and stick down.

  17. 17 Kathleen

    Check this week’s People Magazine. Photo of her on the red carpet at the Emmy’s and you can clearly see the outline of the implant.

  18. 18 aMBER

    Why would they sag more in that dress? Shes only fricken 22 for god sake!!! Some chicks are just lucky and have naturally pert boobs and no sag. Im not saying they arent fake, but your comment is crap.

  19. 19 Aja

    Why does her face look so old though?

  20. 20 Xenia

    This isn’t a good photo for making the case, and the reason (‘too perky’) is insufficient in itself.
    But boy does she love showing those things off, so no problem finding a pic where it IS completely obvious they’re fake. Why not post one of those?

  21. 21 Count Blah

    Hey, my boobs were PHENOMENAL at her age (and are still pretty awesome at age 36, thank you very much) but even at their finest a dress like that would’ve mashed them down and made them look more saggy than this. Look at the pressure the dress is exerting on her boobs–the fabric is taut from her nipples to her waist. If her breasts are hard enough not to dent in or squish down, that’s SILICONE.

    Bra cups would certainly give the illusion of implant-perkiness, but the way the dress is constructed, if Blake turned a bit more to the side you’d be able to see right INTO the dress where it stretches over her underboob area. Built-in bra cups would certainly be obvious from that angle–and maybe the dress does have ‘em and they ARE totally visible in other pics. I don’t know.

  22. 22 Teddi

    what’s with the booby obsession? real or not, she looks great. when she develops her first wrinkle I’m sure you guys will destroy her all over again. “ohh, poor thing..she’s got a wrinkle because she turned 30!” OR she got botox because you guys won’t let her grow old! for F__* sakes, get over the boobies and the wrinkles!!!!!

  23. 23 Eva

    Ughhh, Knowing that I’ll dissipation all of you who think that such perky breasts cannot be real, but you should know that I’m 27 years old and I have breast just like hers that do not sag a bit and look great in dresses. You know, not everything that looks good is fake…sorry.

  24. 24 Kirstin

    I tend to side with the people who thinks they are fake, but why call them “awful”? If they are fake, they were well done (apparently, since many people do think theyre real.) They are proportionate to her figure, no scars or rippling or anything, and she looks great!

  25. 25 lauren87

    they are fake, just like her nose.

  26. 26 pocketnovel

    um, she’s not even 25. i’m almost 26 and mine are still perky as ever. they’re real.

  27. 27 Lai-Lai

    Of corse they’re fake…they have that hamberger bun shape to them.

  28. 28 Lisa

    Her boobs are always in the way of everything on Gossip Girl. She’s always like “HERE THEY ARE!!”. They fill up the screen too much it bothers me. So yeah, fake or not, I’ve seen too much of the twins I demand them to be covered!

  29. 29 laura

    Um…I’m 33 and a C cup and mine look just like that in dresses like that. She’s a decade younger, which means the breasts are firmer and perkier to begin with. These do not look fake at all, you people are all crazy or seriously ignorant.

  30. 30 Kris

    How is this considered “awful plastic surgery”? They look great….no “orange halves” look, no huge gap, no bulging line on top. Look very well done to me.

  31. 31 Evi

    Yes, she did have a plastic surgery. She used to be much more flat chested. However, there are very few pictures on the net from the BEFORE surgery period!!!!

  32. 32 James

    Well she definitely had her chest done, it’s obvious when you see her on gossip girl. They producers are flaunting her new assets quite a bit since shes has them done

  33. 33 Carmela

    Never heard of a body tape, have you?

  34. 34 sosad

    they are fake! look at any picture of her before gossip girls started she had no breasts and now all of the sudden she grew breasts over night?? come on people are you so slow to catch on? im so disapoited in all of you

  35. 35 Hollywood Boy

    Totally body tape. Not to kiss and tell, but… she’s 100% real.

  36. 36 SoCaliBabe

    YES, they are fake. Before Gossip Girl, before the Traveling Pants. I have very real looking implants (bigger does not look better) and when she wears her sports bra even it’s obvius to the trained eye. She got them too big for my taste but they do look real and fortunately they are fake. Unless she already has, those babies gotta be renewed every 10 years.

  37. 37 Rose

    I think they’re real. It’s probably body tape. Plus, she’s onlt 21 or 22 or something.