Like my lips?

Like my lips?

I’ve been getting emails about Marg Helgenberger and her frozen face for at least 2 years now. I think she’s had tons of botox combined with eye work, lip collagen (an overzealous dosage), plus veneers. It is unnecessary, because she has great skin, but is simply getting older.

Marg Helgenberger

Marg Helgenberger

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37 Responses to “Marg Helgenberger – you don’t have to be CSI to figure out what she’s done to her face”  

  1. 1 Ok............

    Ok…. I’ve seena lot of questionable things on this site but to say that she looks frozen in time is just plain dumb… She’s full of wrinkles in her neck, face, her skinlooks tired, etc. I’m sorry but there is nothing convincing about this one. Plastic surgery, possibly, but certainly not too much. She looks like a woman her age should! If anything these pictures prove she’s had nothing done as she has the same facial expression as she did 30 years ago, just aged…. People with botox cannot make facial expressions, let alone the ones they normally make…

  2. 2 matilda

    I love Marg ever since the China Beach days. It is hard to age in Hollywood. She still looks hot. Leave her alone.

  3. 3 Kristin

    Her teeth look real to me.

  4. 4 CK

    She looks ghoulish in the 2009 pix. Too bad, she was looking great in 02.

  5. 5 mr,ed

    It appears that her right upper lip has been bigger than the left for some time. A little filler in the smaller half would give her more balance. She has great bones and is aging fairly well, but time marches on. she’s in showbiz and has to look as perfect as she can. That requires visits to the doctor and avoiding aging elements such as tobacco and sun.

  6. 6 Barbara

    She was always so pretty. She doesn’t look awful, but it has been 7 years since that last picture and time can’t stop. She is still a pretty woman.

  7. 7 Renelle

    Well her acting has gone to pot too. Dont even watch CSI anymore because of it.

  8. 8 terry

    I cant stand her lips if she got rid of the botox lips she would look better.

  9. 9 Groon

    I don’t know why she insists on the collagen especially. She gets this conspicuous dent in her upper lip that makes it look swollen and lop-sided.

  10. 10 frewt

    You’re a bit harsh I think. Fillers and relaxers aren’t really plastic surgery are they? There is no knife work. She has never had a nose job and you can’t be sure she’s had a face lift either so therefore her only crime (if that’s what you want to call it) is not choosing a better injector. She was and still is, a good looking woman.

  11. 11 Helena

    Her upper lip looks very uneven in the 09′ photo. I thought she has had a cleft palate that has been fixed badly.

  12. 12 doggle

    Wow, splitting hairs, are we? Fillers and relaxers are still cosmetic procedures; they do things to the face that it wouldn’t do naturally.

  13. 13 billyjo

    red hair will do that to you.

  14. 14 Liz

    I agree she is still a good looking woman and no knife work. She doesn’t belong on this site.

  15. 15 Mike

    Lips are too good, but there are worse … not really awful just unneeded

  16. 16 Mike

    mention to say: Lips AREN’T too good

  17. 17 Darvulia

    I do think she had a nose job, a subtle one. But her nose is definetly more narrow now than in her 80 picture

  18. 18 Amy

    Her upper lips look weird!

  19. 19 Josh

    She’s just UGLY!

  20. 20 Jennifer

    If you go to a plastic surgeon to have a procedure done, it’s plastic surgery. And most of the doctors who are doing it specialize in “cosmetic surgery”. She definitely belongs here. She looks terrible, not just old, but much older than she would if she hadn’t messed with her face. Now she looks like a stroke victim.

  21. 21 MG

    I am happy to see she doesn’t have a super shaved down nose and big bulging cheecks. Also the lips aren’t the size of Rhode Island. So far, not so bad.

  22. 22 Nick H

    She looked great in ‘02. She needs to stop with the botox.

  23. 23 Bee

    Her swollen half top lip is somewhat disturbing. Every time I look at her I think “you have money, get that thing fixed”. She is an attractive women but the deformed lip is just weird especially when you know she did it to herself. Self induced deformities are so much worse than those caused by accidents or nature.

  24. 24 tammy

    i am really sick and i have never laughed so much at your comments about stars plastic surgery you are so funny even though i feel a bit bad for laughing

  25. 25 Robyne

    She should have stopped in ‘02.

  26. 26 suzanne

    I don’t like her lips but other than that I think she looks fairly natural.

  27. 27 Margaret

    Is it just me or does she look a lot like Mary Hartman from Entertainment Tonight in the ‘02 picture???

  28. 28 mamallama

    Her upper lip has been weird for several years. Maybe it’s so far gone it can’t be fixed. If so, I hope she sued the surgeon who did it. She really does look like a caricature now.

  29. 29 frewt

    No, fillers and relaxers are cosmetic medicine, not plastic surgery – they can be administered by nurses and general practioners, as well as surgeons. I’ve said this before by my comment was removed because the author of this site is a control freak who doesn’t like people disagreeing wth her.

  30. 30 Alexis

    Her lips are distractingly lopsided and obviously artificial. And now her eyes are distractingly wierd looking and unnaturally up-turned at the corners. Every time I look at her I think, ‘But she was so pretty until all the ‘adjustments’!

  31. 31 snickers

    I love this MILF. CSI puts too much pressure on her to look good, but she doesn’t need to pump so much collagen into herself. She looks great naturally. Oh well.

  32. 32 GratuitousViolets

    I don’t know what she’s doing to herself but she looks barely recognisable now from what she did in the very first season.

    I feel like she’s also had some eye surgery or something, her eyes are getting beadier and beadier (much like Sarah Jessica Parkery’s) to where it always looks like she’s squinting. Her nose has definately had some subtle rhinoplasty and her lips are very colligen filled. She’s also got botox in her forehead – it causes the skin to kind of swell out a bit, usually looks a little more porous and also incredibly shiny – it wasn’t so prominent in her older episodes but I see it all the time now.

  33. 33 Lai-Lai

    It looks less like a botched plastic surgery & more like a birth defect.

  34. 34 Livy

    WOW. Surprised to see her here.

    I think she looks genuinely foxy – not like she’s totally abused any procedure.

    I really don’t think she should be sharing the freakshow limelight here with the others.

  35. 35 Bin

    It’s sad to see what cosmetic intervention makes of the formerly lively tv-faces. and they advertise it, even compliment her as best looking female on tv… I liked her natural beauty, but now I think it is gone. I’m sure it would be still there, just plus wrinkles, but why are wrinkles bad? and for the eye-job, heavy lids are a very common feature, who is the judge to say those are ugly?

  36. 36 RSKitty

    She looks absoloutly gorgeous in the first picture and gorgeous in the second picture, but you have to think that it has been 29 years since the first photo, so she is getting older. The only unnatural difference is the top-lip, but maybe there is a problem with it because she would have sorted it out by now. And also I think that the CSI are pushing her to look younger which i think is stupid because she actually is very good-looking for a 51 year old :)

  37. 37 Anonymous

    I watch CSI all the time and I think the biggest problem with her is that she is too skinny. It makes her look skeletal with sunken eyes.