Drew Barrymore resurfaces

I received a few emails about Drew Barrymore appearing on CNN and looking unrecognizable. I saw the new pictures of her and was stunned. She looks totally different. Her brow is higher and her eyes look rounder.

Drew Berrymore

Drew Barrymore

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40 Responses to “Drew Barrymore resurfaces”  

  1. 1 The Staff


  2. 2 miri

    uh no.

    do you really believe this, or are you trying to convince yourself along with convincing us?

  3. 3 Ali

    No way. She’s just gotten older. Her eyes look rounder? How so? And her brow doesn’t look higher at all. Nope.

  4. 4 Pete

    less fat on the face… happens with healthy, normal, ageing and weight loss. She looks fab.

  5. 5 NumeroCinq

    No, I don’t see a difference in her eyes or brow line at all other than normal aging. However there is an extremely obvious difference in her nose. Its center ridge no longer has the distinct “Barrymore” line and appears to have been shaved down to a more graceful curve. She has a cuter profile now, but has lost a bit of her “Drew Barrymore” looks.

  6. 6 superwomman

    She is beginning to look like the english actress Kate Winslet

  7. 7 Sarah

    i don’t think anything has touched her face. look at the styling in the first picture. it’s obviously out of date. Aging. It happens.

  8. 8 Me

    She looks very “Gwen Stefani” in the after

  9. 9 Louise Glass

    Drew is a very pretty and talented girl. She has different makeup, slightly longer hair and around her eyes she has aged a bit (crows feet, no bigee). I see NO plastic surgery. She is au natural. I wish her more success with her movies and I’m glad she does not do weird things to her face. She looks great.

  10. 10 Miss

    No way, i don’t see anything different. please don’t accuse every celeb of some type of surgury. I don’t think drew would even go there.

  11. 11 GratuitousViolets

    No, she’s not had her eyes and brow done – the only difference here is that in the first picture, her eyebrows are finer (and look like they’ve been possibly plucked from the top rather than beneath). In the next picture her eyebrows are either thicker and/or pencilled in. Her eyes are the same shape. However, her nose is slightly different, slightly more refined (I’d say some very good rhinoplasty to shave down the length and make it look a little less straight (however don’t ask me WHY she would want to as she was proud she had her grandfather’s nose and profile).

  12. 12 Gensticks16

    I thought that was winona ryder w/blonde hair in the after pic =/

  13. 13 Menne

    There’s something Kate Winslet -like in her face now, anyone else notice?

  14. 14 Whooo

    Now, she looks more like Julie Benz than Julie Benz.

  15. 15 terry

    She looks better in shorter hair.

  16. 16 Jillian

    Her makeup artist just filled in her eyebrows. Eyebrows are the easiest way to change the whole look of the face.

  17. 17 desk hack

    I don’t see it. Not at all.

  18. 18 Melissa

    botox in the forehead but I think that’s it.

  19. 19 Mary

    100% with Melissa on this.

  20. 20 Jon H

    She looks like Kate Winslet now.

  21. 21 cidknee

    i’m with Miri. It’s just make up. If she was going to have had plastic surgery she would have addressed her crowsfeet first.

  22. 22 barbarena

    She’s definitely done something to her upper eyelids to give them less of a “flat” look, kind like a lip injection for the upper eyelids. It is a good result, it gives her eyes more dimension.

  23. 23 darvulia

    I don´t see anything weir about her, just some normal wrinkles around her eyes. Celebrities sometimes seem to age more quickly than mere mortals, but it´s because there are always being followe around that we notice every little flaw.
    My dermatologist says that the lights used on movie sets might act like the sunlight on steroids when it comes to premature aging of the skin.

  24. 24 darvulia

    She also has fuller brows on the second picture. That changes the whole facial expression.

  25. 25 Claire

    I miss her old face. She is my age exactly (early 30’s) and this is a time when women start to notice a bit of natural aging. It’s best to age naturally, but I think the pressures of Hollywood were too great. I really think surgery is a bad idea, in most cases.

  26. 26 Kendra

    Check out the inside photos of the latest edition of Marie Claire. She looks good, but it barely looks like her. It also looks like she had the lines around her nose softened or removed.

  27. 27 Teddi

    I think I see some crows feet which is actually normal at her age and I admire her for leaving them right where they are. She may have had some botox but she looks great and I think she will age gracefully… unlike 97% of the population out there- Hollywood or not!

  28. 28 Psychochick

    I don’t see a difference.


    It’s pretty obvious that her eyebrows are much thicker and more filled in with a brow pencil/powder. Eyebrows can drastically change the look of anyone’s face.

  30. 30 Yvonne

    Something has definitely changed. Focus on the thickness of her neck. When she flashed David Letterman she was quite thin yet she had a “thick neck” and no sharp edges to her jaw line. So did she lose just a few pounds and all of a sudden the fat around her jaw and neck are gone? I don’t believe it. She seems different and great. I’m extremely thin myself and have always noted how I had a similar “fat neck.” I would love to know what she did!

  31. 31 Lai-Lai

    Eww, what an awful Before image. I still can’t tell her appart from Gwenith Paltrow.

  32. 32 Amanda

    I have been following her for years, and so I can’t help but wonder if Drew Barrymore recently had a chin reduction…. It’s not visible in these pictures, but I’ve noticed in some cosmetic ads….

  33. 33 Rebecca

    Better makeup & thinner on the right.

  34. 34 mkM

    She looks like Kate Winslet in the ‘After’ Shot.

  35. 35 Andy

    She was on Leno or Letterman recently. I forget which. But anyhow, her face was lopsided! I thought she had an injury or some other illness/surgery. I was simply shocked as she was always at the top of my list. By the way, Lindsay is at the top as well and is not too late to remain there! As if they or anyone else cares!

  36. 36 Luke

    Always thought Barrymore was unattractive. Looks better in the after picture, if she indeed had any work done. No need to hate on a person for trying to look a little better. I doubt the clowns who run this site are prizes themselves, hence the hatorade.

  37. 37 kay nadian

    I believe she has had somre really good work done, but not sure what. Her chin has definitely changed (it used to jut out at a freakish angle) and now it is much softer. She also has had something done to her eyes. Note how heavy the lid was, and the poochiness around the browbone. she looks much softer now, and weight loss would only have sharpened the jutting chin.

  38. 38 Rose

    I think it’s just makeup and unflattering photos.

  39. 39 Chryssy

    botox is about it, i think. let’s hope she doesn’t become plastic

  40. 40 Pam B

    I agree with superwomman and Gensticks16. (Good catch girls!) Her nose does look more refined. They did a beautiful job. She looks gorgeous but did loose her ‘drew barrymoreness’. Now she looks like every other beautiful Hollywood woman. But I believe she’s thrilled with it!