It seems like awful plastic surgery is a worldwide epidemic. Trout pout has spread worldwide, even to far away Russia, where many of the photos below were taken. The has a great thread on ‘Girls With Silicone Faces‘. For once and for all, people, fish lips only look good on marine life and not humans.





















Are there people in your local area who abuse lip collagen?
Are there people in your local area who abuse lip collagen?


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11 Responses to “Girls With Silicone Faces – The Awful Plastic Surgery epidemic!”  

  1. 1 Michelle

    Wow. That’s just AWFUL!! It’s ironic that those beautiful women had those things done only to be made to look worse.

  2. 2 Saebin

    That is just plain GROSS. All of them would look so much prettier without those sausage lips.

  3. 3 trout pout hater

    as some one with naturally big lips i dont know whether to be offended or flattered… seriously…i like my mouth…and i am glad i didnt have to pay to get them enhanced, these girls look so vile….since men would have sex with anything… well….

  4. 4 Lai-Lai

    What moron decided pillow lips were sexy?

  5. 5 humor me

    When my kids were growing up, we called that “duck lips” and achieved it by squishing our lips together with our fingers. We all got a big laugh out of it, but when we were done, we could let go, and our face would be normal again. You have to wonder if these poor people will suffer any life-long effects. Nobody will be laughing then.

  6. 6 Victoria

    most people on this photos are russian…. it is so upset…..

  7. 7 Nico

    You couldn’t pay me to sleep with a woman who looks like any of these women in the photos………it’s sad what people do for the sake of vanity. Truth is, women wouldn’t be doing it if they didn’t believe men would find it attractive.

  8. 8 Maya

    Hah.. This is not new at all to russians. It’s harder to catch a girl in Russia that hasn’t gotten herself some sausage lips..
    Russian girls usually have great legs, but unfortunately they also usually have ugly faces. I think that they try to compensate.

  9. 9 jS

    I like the way they look

  10. 10 Alex13

    There all not russians. For example Negar Kwan (the one that looks like a talking horse) isn’t Russian she’s from Iran.

  11. 11 Alex13

    Sorry, Negar KHAN is her name not Negar Kwan.