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This what Bethenny Frankel (Real Wives of New York City) looks like when she is in love! No, just kidding. This is what she looks like sans makeup. I think she looks a decade older than what she claims as her actual age. Sometimes, intense dieting and overzealous plastic surgery makes you look older. Definitely [...]

Here comes the Bride of Frankenstein. No, not really, it is just madame to the stars, Heidi Fleiss. She needs to lay off the upper lip filler, brow lifts, veneers, rhinoplasty, and facelifts, because none of it is working for her.

The Barbi Twins were 90s Playboy pinups. They appeared on MTV, Sallie Jesse Raphael, and made a host of other TV appearances. They are also known for discussing their long running problem with food addiction, bulimia, and exercise bulimia.
When they first emerged, they claimed to be ‘all natural’ and to have never had plastic surgery [...]

Michael Jackson had at least 20 different plastic surgeries according to one doctor who surmises that Jackson altered himself to ‘escape his sad childhood’. Among his surgeries were

eye reshaping
brow lift
6 rhinoplasty operations
cheek implants
cheek fat removal
lips thin
jaw implants
multiple facelifts

Melissa Gilbert is to your left and Tawny Kitaen is to your right? Do they look separated at birth to you?

Donatella was mostly a mystery to the world before her designer brother’s death. Now, she is known as the head of Versace and for having an insane amount of plastic surgery on her nose and lips. Today, a photo of what she looked like in 1990 surfaced (thanks
What a difference a million swipes of [...]

Janice Dickinson has a Doppelgänger in the UK. Her name is Huggy Ragnar and she needs to be banned from using lip fillers. Huggy is photographer and judge on the UK version of America’s Next Top Model. In her youth, Huggy was a model. (via Icelandic Fashist)