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Ashlee Simpson – The New Chin Chronicles

Ashlee Simpson and her sister Jessica are my all time favorite plastic surgery sisters. They will stop at nothing in the quest for ‘beauty’. Ashlee has had, in my opinion, her breasts inflated, at least two rhinoplasty surgeries, and a plethora of lip injections. This fall, she will be appearing on the new Melrose Place [...]

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The worst socialite nose job ever

The New Tinsley The Old Tinsley Tinsley Mortimer is an attention seeking NYC socialite with her own handbag line. In the past few years, she has been hitting the party scene with renewed fervor after getting some facial adjustments (namely a scary looking 80s Michael Jackson nose job and youthful rejuvenation around the eyes). Do [...]

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Former Supermodels assaults her plastic surgeon

Karen Mulder was one of the most successful supermodels of the 90s. The Dutch beauty graced the cover magazines such as Vogue, Marie Claire, and Elle. The next decade saw her experience emotional turmoil where she claimed to have been raped by several prominent figures. Lately, Karen Mulder is back in the news for making [...]

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What's new at

What’s new at Hang on for a wild ride! Watch Angelina Jolie morph Audrina stuffs her porno breast impants into a nice dress Michael’s nose is missing Congrats on the new breasts, Anna Faris Rich wife spent money to look like Lil Kim – no lie! Heidi Fleiss – [...]

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Watch Angelina Jolie morph

Access Hollywood unintentionally put together a series of Angelina Jolie interview clips from the start of her career to the present. It is interesting to watch how much her features change – her eyes and brow chane shape, her lips change, and her nose gets more refined. Watch now, before this video ‘disappears’ forever! A [...]

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Audrina stuffs her huge breast implants into a nice dress

Audrina Patridge stuffed her porn star sized breast implants into a pretty summer dress the other day and visited Comicon in San Diego. She can’t even try to deny have breast augmentation surgery, because her chest looks like a huge shelf hanging off a skinny body. Is Audrina a bimbo now? Has Audrina had a [...]

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Michael's nose is missing

Apparently, Michael Jackson’s prosthetic nose is missing. Once considered an urban legend, there are actually witnesses who saw his body in the coroner’s office saying the his face had no nose and in its place was a hole surrounded by bits of jagged cartilage. What happened to Michael’s nose? Did infection eat away his nose [...]

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Congrats on the new breasts, Anna Faris

Anna Faris was at a recent film premiere showing off two assets that will serve her well in Hollywood, new breasts! Check them out, they are perfectly round in startling contrast to her previously invisible A cup bosoms. I think that their shape is highly noticeable because she had very little breast tissue to work [...]

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Rich wife spent money to look like Lil Kim – no lie!

The one on the left is Veronica Hearst (she was married to one of the publishing members of the wealthy Hearst family). The other is Awful Plastic Surgery favorite, Lil Kim. See the resemblance between the two women? Millionairess Veronica likely spent a small fortune on her face and now looks like Lil Kim! Hearst [...]

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Heidi Fleiss – gee, its worse than we thought

Gee, Heidi Fleiss is looking worse for wear than first thought. You know you’ve had a bad face lift when you look older than you did before the operation. Those weird cheek implants she has gotten don’t help either and neither does the chin implant. We know what you really look like, Heidi, give it [...]

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